Atomic Bomb: Literal Batting

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Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has given such a statement about India’s use of nuclear weapons, which cannot remain without the attention of all the countries of the world, especially Pakistan.

He has said that India can also reconsider its ‘no initiative’ policy. After nuclear explosion, Atal Bihari Vajpayee had announced that India would never opt for the use of a nuclear bomb first, or in other words ‐ if India is attacked by a nuclear weapon, it would also retaliate in the same manner. Now Rajnathji has said that circumstances have changed a lot. It is not necessary that the atomic theory which has been followed from 1998 till now, should also be followed in the future. He said this after his Pokhran Yatra on the occasion of the death anniversary of Atalji.

Some people are also seeing this ‘deep statement’ related to the informal discussion of Kashmir in the Security Council. In other words, they are also presenting as a warning to Pakistan and China. But they are probably forgetting that in the manifesto issued by the BJP in the 2014 parliamentary elections, it clearly stated that the BJP government will reconsider its nuclear doctrine.

The government duly did not reconsider, but former Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar had said in 2016 that we do not know why we keep saying that we will not use our nuclear weapons first. Perhaps he was not aware of the Indian nuclear‐theory. He later said it was his personal opinion. But now Rajnath Singh has raised this issue again with great tact.
This is the diplomacy of diplomacy. His statement is a response to all the ignorant leaders of Pakistan, who keep announcing that India should not forget that Pakistan has a nuclear bomb. Some of the moron politicians and activists of India also keep committing such idiocy.

Rajnath Singh has said the same thing by avoiding these dolt with which you can disagree but cannot object on. The truth is that in 1964, China had announced not to use the atomic bomb right after making the first one. । So why will India use the atomic bomb against any country and even against Pakistan. India does not have to use its bomb first because India’s traditional military power is many times more than Pakistan. That is why Rajnathji’s statement is not a sign of any new nuclear policy of India but is pure literal batting. That is why the anger of Pakistani leaders is pointless.


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