Farmers’ income will be double by 2022: MP Vijay Pal Singh Tomar

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(An exclusive tete‐a‐tete with MP Vijaypal Singh Tomar, President, Kisan Morcha with Parijat Tripathi, Editor, News India Global)

Upon asking if it is really possible that by 2022 the income of the farmers will be double as per the BJP’s you claim, Mr Vijaypal S Tomar replied in positive. He said, the Government has launched a campaign to promote integrated farming and organic farming. Modi’s government has declared a whole state as an Organic State ‐ Sikkim. And a separate budget has also kept for it. Integrated farming means fishing, beekeeping, horticulture and milk and Dairying. The Gokul Mission Scheme has been initiated by giving a separate budget to promote this. Along with this, efforts are being made to increase the income of the farmers through ongoing Government efforts at many other levels.

According to Mr Tomar, in June 29, 2018, there was a 50 lakh metric ton sugar surplus yield in India. But before the crisis could near, PM Modi with an immediate decision gave a special package of 8.8 million crores. Out of which the amount of Rs 1540 million was given for twenty lakh metric tonnes’ sugar export. This special package supported the farmers.

The government decided to pay the loss of the damage. Rs 1170 crores were given to keep three lakh metric tonne sugar is in operation. The government paid that loss too. For the remainder of the package, Govt asked the mills that we are giving you 100 crores, you make ethanol, develop the infrastructure. The juice of sugarcane will produce ethanol which will be mixed in petrol with the ten percent rates. The work is still going on at that. Earlier governments never thought of such a thing.

After Independence or the first time, Modi gave a package of 15 thousand crore rupees, which went into the account of the farmers directly. For the farmers to get the payment, Modiji decided that the mill will pay fifty percent of the farmers who will get 50 percent payment of the farmer, the govt will give money to that mill as soft loan. Farmers will get money directly in their account. And the govt will recover from the mill later. The six thousand crores given directly in the farmers’ account. This also happened for the first time.

The middlemen system in Modi’s rule has ended. The money goes directly to the farmer’s account. The farmers are given the honorarium fund of six thousand rupees directly in the account. Caste or religion is not a consideration in any scheme for the poor villagers. Free gas connections have been given to seven crore people of the country and seventeen crore farmers have been given health cards. Thirteen crore households received a loan of five lakh rupees from the money bank, while around four crore new ones have also been added.

Mr Tomar said in villages, 22% are below the poverty line, these schemes are for the poor villagers. For them, Prime Minister’s Security Insurance Scheme has given them insurance of Rs Two Lakh for only 12 and a half rupees. Prime Minister Jeevan Jyoti Yojana has given them two lakh rupees’ insurance for only 330 rupees and by paying Rs. 342 only they are getting an insurance of four lakh rupees. Free electrical connections have been given to them. About 80 million households are being identified by card in Ayushman Bharat. Our goal is that no poor should die without treatment.

Talking about the sad picture of Indian cows, Mr Tomar said there are about forty cow breeds in our country. Indigenous Indian cows like Gir and Sahi Bar have been taken to Brazil, where they are giving fifty liters of milk. As a result of the last fifty years, there are eighty-five percent of our country ‘s cows and fifteen percent of foreign cows are in the country. Eighty percent of the budget used to be kept for preserving, conserving and culturing the foreign breed cows whereas only the fifteen percent was there for the country’s cows. Due to this, the cows are getting lost.

Now, for the first time, the government is working on the promotion and conservation of the cows of the indigenous breed through Gokul Mission Plan. There is a separate budget for this. Under the scheme, there will be at least one cow‐arrangement for every family – the work is on with this target which is enough to run a family’s expenditure. When our cows can give 50 liters of milk abroad, why cannot they give thirty liters of milk here?


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