Hinduism is from the time immemorial

Hinduism was not made by a particular human being. Hinduism is the only faith which stems from nature; All its Gods and Goddesses, festivals, culinary and rituals take inspiration from nature.
From birth to burial it takes care of Mother Earth and the beings on it.
Hinduism is not a bonsai made out of curtailing limits and controlled growth, bearing numbered flowers or fruits. Hinduism is an old gigantic tree with branches spread far and beyond bearing juicy fruits & fragrant flowers.
The entire tree becomes secured shelter of many species, casting the cool shadow on the tired pedestrians. Hinduism is magnanimous in its nature, secular in its spirit.
Hinduism urges that life is a cycle of births and deaths as we see in nature, learning our lessons through great deeds or mistakes, all meant to evolve.
This evolved society has only enriched the planet since thousands and thousands of years.
In Hindu dharma, unlike man-made religions, there is no central authority like a prophet figure; no ego of the perfection; the last & everlasting.
All other man-made faiths are therefore carrying the burden of the aggressive, mean, egoistic, expansive and punitive nature of human.
Hindus who do not realize the blessing of the universe bestowed on them for being born as a Hindu, are at a loss of a beautiful realization.
It is the other name for nature, that’s why it’s eternal & the most powerful. The burden to be under strict manuals of man-made religions is a curse, compared to the dharma that operates under the divine guidelines of the universe in harmony with nature.
Nature never ceases or succumbs as it nourishes itself from its relentless cycle of life, where death itself is a new beginning.
Man-made things need constant maintenance to keep from inevitable perishing.
Just like how marriage needs to be worked upon for sustenance, but Love never fails! That’s how man-made institutions differ from nature made ones.
That’s how  a religion differs from the dharma of spiritualism — One is God fearing and the other is God loving.
(Khalid Umar)