Hot bitter gourd can kill Cancer

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In a finding that could provide a new tool in cancer therapy, researchers have shown that the juice of bitter gourd (karela) effectively kills pancreatic cancer cells.

Did you know that bitter gourd or karela is not really a vegetable but a fruit? No matter how busy you are, you need to read this and then spread to friends and others.  
yes, hot bitter gourd *(Karela)* can kill cancer cells.
Cut 2-3 thin slices of bitter gourd and put in a glass, pour hot water, water will become alkaline. Drink every day at least for once. For anyone, it will be useful.   Hot water bitter gourd *(Karela)* will emit an anti-cancer substance. This is a new development in the world of natural medicine, which is useful in treating cancer.
Hot water bitter gourd extract will affect the cyst and tumor. Already proven, it can help to cure various kinds of cancer.
Using bitter gourd in treating cancer, it will only kill the malignant cells of the tumor. It will not affect healthy cells.
In addition, amino acids and polyphenol oxidase in bitter gourd can balance high blood pressure, blood circulation, reduce blood clotting and can prevent the occurrence of deep vein thrombosis.
After you have read this, send it out to family and friends. Must take good care of your health.

Professor Chen Hui Ren from the Beijing Army General Hospital confirmed that, if everyone who gets this information and then distributes to at least 10 other people, at least one life could be saved. Hence, let us all do our part in this direction to save lives.


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