Imran Khan was humiliated during OIC conference

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A social media post in public domain claims that PM Imran Khan was badly humiliated during OIC conference. Let us see what this post says :


In another Humiliation, OIC Member Countries have Refused to Entertain Objections Raised by Pakistan on Ram Temple (under Construction) in Ayodhya, India at OIC Meeting
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan did try to condemn the construction of the Ayodhya Ram Temple in India at the Conference of Islamic Countries (OIC) but in vain.
UAE, which chaired the conference, asked Imran.  “What is the problem for the Islamic world with India building a temple in their country?”
”What is the problem for the Muslims of the world with the Ayodhya Rama Temple? We have no interest in interfering in the internal affairs of India.”
”In addition, we have provided 13 acres of land in our country for temple construction and 13.5 acres of land for parking and other facilities for Hindus.”
”Nowhere in the world have Hindus, who live and study attempt or incite riots or carry out suicide attacks in the name of religion. They are peaceful and live according according to the laws of the land.”
The OIC stated that the temple construction in India is an internal matter of India and that is not the issue to be discussed here now.  India will look after that.
It was also asked – ”When will Pakistan repay the money it borrowed from OlC? All Islamic countries except Pakistan contributed to this fund. Pakistan only borrows but failed to pay up.”
Then the President of the Maldives stood up and began to say- “The separatist and coup attempts instigated by Pakistan have created many internal crisis in our small country.”
They agreed to this that India never interfere but help upon request and never ask for any favors.
Justifying their view, they gave the instance too saying – When the Covid19 virus was spreading in Wuhan, India rescued people from many countries, including Maldives and Bangladeshis,  regardless of religion.  We also need to understand that it was done in the name of humanity by India and they never charged any money.
What love does Pakistani government have for the Muslims in India. It has not spoken a word against China when Islamic students were dying in Wuhan due to corona infection?
Besides Pakistanis lack sincerity and integrity when they blame India as treating their Muslims as second-class citizens unlike Pakistan who  burn down temples and churches and force Hindus and Christians to convert failing which they murder them.
India, provides medicines and medical assistance to Islamic countries and the rest of the world including Maldives, which is suffering during the pandemic.
Did Pakistan help any country, regardless of their religion or color?
India is a true friend who helps in times of danger. Hinduism, the only religion in the world that is honest and tolerant of all religions, and tolerant of all religions, and the Hindus are ideologues of the ‘Vasudhaiva family’ who see the people of the world as their own family.
They are not intolerant terrorists  who threaten the world.  India is our best friend.
The King of Saudi Arabia immediately stood up and informed Imran Khan to either participate in the conference effectively or he may choose to return home.
At this juncture a vote was taken and, all the Islamic countries passed the resolution with a big round of applause for Saudi Arabia for informing Pakistan PM Imran Khan to leave the conference.