Is Manoj Tiwari next Delhi CM?

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The Bhojpuri Cinema superstar is now superstar in political silver screen of Delhi..

After retaining the North East Delhi seat BJP’s Manoj Tiwari has proved his mettle. It was not just one-time good luck in 2014 for him, it is his hard work which is being reflected constantly and now in 2019 too.

The second victory which is constant on his parliamentary area displays his pragmatic requirement and people here know this. He displayed his calibre defeating AAP as well as Congress candidate by a huge margin of votes. He does have a sizeable Purvanchali and Muslim vote support which is his own political earning. Though his victory owed to Modi factor as well, he also has created his positive aura in the hearts of the Delhi People.

This is what makes him a stalwart in Delhi and he cannot be ignored in the direction of bigger future responsibilities.

Manoj Tiwari had unsuccessfully contested against present UP CM Yogi Adityanath from Gorakhpur in 2009 though he could not make it still the contest was equally strong from his candidature. That time itself polity experts opined about Tiwari’s long term presence in the profession of politics.

The low profile leader belongs to the soil of Bihar. He has never been a big mouth neither during his silver screen days nor during the heat of his political successes.  

The Bhojpuri singer has so far journeyed a decade on the political path signalling heavy success gradually. He was an SP candidate in 2009, then in 2014, he contested as a BJP representative winning the Delhi seat. Then he was chosen as the Delhi BJP chief and he contributed big way in 2017 winning the Delhi Municipal Corporation.

Mr Manoj Tiwari’s performance does bring party accolades in his favour. He has a giant stature in Delhi politics. This time by defeating Shila Dixit by a huge margin of 3.63 lakh of votes, his increasing popularity is well understood here in the Capital. Shila Dixit was no Tom-Dick and Harry in Delhi, being the political-ruler here for three consecutive times she was an opposition stalwart. Still, the rise of Mr Manoj Tiwari doomed all her hopes even the ruling AAP has also been thrashed this time under his direction with the collective efforts of Delhi BJP. Even till the last date, it was being expected in Delhi that Mr Manoj Tiwari should be prepared for a jolt from Ms Shila Dixit. It no doubt was one of the most awaited results during these polls. But the verdict supported not the former CM but the future CM of Delhi.

There are several achievements who are credited to Mr Manoj Tiwari’s pro-active image. Among many here are two facts which are also equally significant. While coming out victorious during the civic polls of 2017, he successfully fought against anti-incumbency also. And now in comparison with the party’s vote share of 2014, the 2019 polls witnessed an increase due to his active presence in Delhi.

Talk about 2014 Delhi Parliamentary elections. The BJP had a vote share of 46.4 per cent. Then when Mr Tiwari appeared as the Delhi BJP chief, the foundation of the party got strengthened with his efforts. And the results showed the growth in the national capital parliamentary polls this time with a vote share of 56.6 per cent.

Yes, this has a significance here. Now in Delhi, the young and dynamic BJP leader is holding ambitions of the party for the next year’s state assembly elections. There are all possibilities that the elections will be contested with him as the centre figure.

Mr Manoj Tiwari is just not a poorvanchali, he is a cine-star too. Being a singer as well as an actor, he has his huge fan-followings across the nation. He also impressed his fellow poorvanchali denizens in Delhi that he would try to build Delhi as the best capital of India. 

“We were confident of the victory but were not expecting this kind of huge margin. I am indebted to the voters for imposing their faith in us’’ was his delightful reaction upon his victory.


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