Krishna: Krishna’s message through this tale

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After Shri Krishna killed Kansa, he went to the jail to release Vasudev and Devki, his mother and father.
Devki mata asked eagerly, “Child, you are God yourself, and you have divine powers; then, why did you wait fourteen years to kill Kansa and release us”?
Shri Krishna replied, ′′ Respected mother, forgive me. But why did you send me to the jungle for fourteen years in my last birth?
Devki was very surprised and said, ′′ Krishna, how is this possible? Why are you saying this?”
Shri Krishna replied, ′′ Mother, you will not remember anything about your previous birth. But you were Kaikayi in your last birth and your husband was Dashrath”.
Devki was very surprised and asked curiously, ′′ Then, who is Kausalya now?”
Shri Krishna replied, ′′ Mother Yashoda. The fourteen years of mother’s love that she was deprived of in her last life, she got it in this life ′′
Everyone has to bear the fruits of their karma, even the gods cannot escape from it.
Keep an eye on what karma you want accumulate.


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