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If he wished, he could have aimed his gun onto Ali ’s chaste too, but he pulled his chase down and fired on his thigh. Why?..

It was four years ago in the year 2017 and the date was December, 23. Salman Ali  had gone to Pandav Mandi for some work. Out of a sudden one youth came to him stopping his bike by his side.
  Ali  thought it must be some friend or so. The biker was wearing a full size helmet, this was why neither Ali  could see his face nor could he recognise him.
 The moment the biker stopped his bike, he took out a revolver from his back and pulling it down he fired on Ali ’s thigh. After this he put the revolver back behind his shirt and ran away with the bike in full speed.
 It was such a quick incident that nobody could understand anything.
 Some people took Ali  to Thana Subhash Colony. There on the basis of his statement a case was registered against the unknown assailant with the section 307 & 35 of Cr PC on the serial no. 551/17.   Afterwards Ali  was sent to the nearest hospital for the treatment.
 Neither Ali  could recognise the assailant nor he was accepting to be having rivalry with anyone. He was not suspecting any such person who could wish to kill him. There was not even any remotest clue. This is why the local police kept trying around aimlessly.  
 DCP Vikrant Agrawal  was sure that Subhash Colony police will not be able to get to any clue in the case. This is why he entrusted the case for the investigation to Inspector Amar Kumar.
 Amar Kumar mulled over the incident so deeply, then he came to the conclusion that the assailant was standing right before him. If he wished, he could have aimed his gun onto Ali ’s chaste too, but he pulled his chase down and fired on his thigh. Why?
 Suppose, the assailant misfired and the bullet hit the victim’s thigh, then there sure was enough time available with the assailant to fire for the second time. But instead of pulling for the second time he fled from the spot.
 After pondering a lot, he came to the conclusion that the assailant did not actually intend to kill Ali . By hurting him he wished to send across some message to him or someone else.
 The question was that what was the message hidden behind the attack on him?
 For reaching to the depth of case Amar Kumar did not have any link. Hence, he started exploring the background of the victim itself.
He came to know that a resident of Pratap Vihar, Chandigarh , Salman Ali  was himself a history-sheeter. He has been to jail many times. He had come out of Tihad just two months ago out of bail.
 The attack occured on him just after coming out on bail!
 This incident might also be a result of the mutual rivalry of criminal gangs.  This was also possible that some gang would have gotten him attacked on in order to give him a warning signal – better be careful, otherwise next time the bullet would shoot your chaste !
 Amar Kumar did not want to probe on surface level but he wanted to go into the depth of it. Therefore he gave the instruction to his informants to get maximum info about Ali .
One day one of his informants told him that Ali  and his wife do not have a cordial relationship. There is some tussle going on between the two. The reason behind the tussle could not be known to the informant.
 Amar Kumar’s brain started making relationship between the scattered links. When the husband and wife have a bitter relationship and the husband gets attacked, in most of such cases the wife has an extramarital affair with someone. The same formula may also be working in this case too. For confirming the thought, Amar Kumar got the telephone number of Ali’s wife Nadira. Along with this the police fetched out the call detail of Ali  too.
 There was nothing mysterious about the CDR of Ali , but the call detail of Nadira was little startling. There was one mobile number on which she used to have long talks.
 Amar Kumar tried to enquire about that number then he came to know that the number belonged to someone else’s name but was being used by some Abdul Gaffar. Obviously Nadira was in touch with Gaffar.
 On the basis of the doubt when Amar Kumar tried to find out the location of Gaffar on the time of the incident, then it was Pandav Mandi only.
 That’s it. Amar Kumar was sure Gaffar may be directly or indirectly involved in the attack. If Gaffar gets caught then the mystery behind the attack on Ali  may get solved.
 For finding Abdul Gaffar and getting him into the trap Amar Kumar took the permission of his superiors and he got the arrangement done for getting Gaffar’s calls recorded also.
 Through the recorded calls Amar Kumar came to know that on 25/26th of December Gaffar will come to have his dinner late night at Gupta  Kachodi  Walla’s shop.
 This is noteworthy here that Gupta  Kachodi  Walla’s shop is located near New Market flyover in South-East Chandigarh . This shop is open till late night. If you do not find an eatery in the middle of the night, you can come here to have delicious Kachodis for sure.
 Amar Kumar gave the above mentioned information to the ACP Vikrant Ji then he constituted a team under the leadership of Amar Kumar to arrest Abdul Manna. This team was included of SI Yogesh Sharma, Vineet  Kumar, Yogesh Shukla, Akhilesh Singh, HC Nalin, Constable Harish, Rakesh and Jayant.
On the night of 25 December exactly at nine pm, the special staff team has been scattered around the Gupta  Kachodi  Shop. On each side the policemen in civil dress were deputed and for their conveyance private vehicles were also made available to them, so that if Gaffar tries to flee via some vehicle, he could be stopped and arrested.
 Along with the civil dress police men, some policemen were also deputed around the shop who were in the uniform. To show them looking busy they were asked to keep checking the vehicles going from there with posting barricades.
 The night of the 25th passed and started the night of 25th post dusk time. The time was passing on but so far no body showed up particularly the one who was being waited for by the policemen.
In the middle of the night one red bike numbered CL10S 5672 came from the side of MNR College. The biker was not wearing helmet.
Instead of stopping on the barricade, the biker hit the barricade but could not maintain the balance of his bike and fell with his bike on the street.
 The biker did fell but swiftly he got up and took out his pistol from his back.
 SI Vineet Kumar was standing nearby the biker. He promptly jumped to him and put his service revolver on his head, ‘‘If you showed even an iota of smartness, you are a dead man, I warn you!’’
 By then Amar Kumar also reached there around the biker along with all the team members. Every one poked their guns on his body.
 Now finding himself surrounded from all sides he threw his pistol on the deck and raised his hands.
 His name came out to be Abdul Gaffar in the initial enquiry done by the police at the spot.
Gaffar was taken to the Special Staff Office along with his bike and pistol. 
In the interrogation the revelations startled the special staff police team. The crook who was considered as an ordinary criminal by Amar Kumar was a sharpshooter along with being a history sheeter of Uttar Pradesh.
The thirty six years old Abdul Gaffar alias Monu was originally from Rehpura Chaudhary Village under Bajariya Thana, Barabanki. His father Mohammad Ali was a farm labourer. He was part of a huge family. He had two elder sisters and three brothers along with a younger brother.
Gaffar was not interested in studies from the beginning only neither was his father’s financial capacity allowed all of them to go for the schooling. Neither Gaffar was interested in studying nor his father was in teaching him. Gaffar went astray roaming around on the streets.
His company was such that on the age of 15 only he got involved in the criminal activities like stealing, robbery, snatching, etc.
 One big crime was registered on Gaffar’s name in 1998 when he was 16 years old.
 Gaffar’s astray friends had a rivalry against Keerat Laal of Rehpura Chaudhary village. The rivalry grew so much so that they have decided to kill Keerat Laal.
 Killing Keerat Laal in the village was not easy. In case of attack on him in the village, the villagers would have come to safeguard him. In such a situation the rivals would have been in deep trouble. This is made them plan to bring Keerat Laal out of the village and then attack on him.
 The question was this who would bring him out?
 The astray friends chose Gaffar for the task. They did not let him smell the real motto of making him do this. And they managed to get Keerat Laal out of the village through Gaffar.
 The moment Keerat Laal reached out of the village, the foes hiding there jumped and attacked on him.
 Manna was damn shocked, he did try to save Keerat Laal but in vain.
 The foes fled after the death of Keerat Laal.
The case got registered under section 302, 35 of IPC in the Thana Bajariya under the crime number 693/12. The police caught Gaffar and interrogated  him. He revealed everything. Thus police caught all of them and sent to jail. Gaffar’s arrest was done on the day of the incident only.
 The case was so severe that all the bail applications in each court by the family members got rejected. After two years in Jail with a lot of difficulties he got out of the jail in 2005.
 The family members knew that there was no hand of Gaffar in Keerat Laal’s murder. The foes had used him as a pawn in the crime. Gaffar was also embarrassed on what he did.
 Mohammad Ali thought if Gaffar stayed in the village then the criminals will make him their pawn and worker as well. This is why he found it better to send him somewhere outside the village.
 There were some friends of Mohmammad Ali living in Chandigarh . He talked to them on phone and sent Gaffar there to them.
 Staying at one of his relatives place Gaffar started selling readymade clothes, sun glasses, wrist watches, etc out side Main Maszid.
 Someone who has come out living two years in Jail, he usually does not like to earn his bread and butter through good means. Gaffar also did not like this life and  he became friends with the thieves and burglars of Jama Maszid area. He started doing burglary with them in and around Hauj Kaji, Prasad Nagar, Aruna Ganj and Lalapur.
 The first arrest of Manna was carried out by Prasad Nagar Thana police in 2003. During the interrogation he revealed about many criminal activities carried out by him. The police sent him to the jail after the interrogation.
In the jail he became friends with Sonu Tullu, Javed and Raju Punjabi. All three were the gang-men of the notorious gangster of Chandigarh , Satyaprakash alias Katte .
 This time again Gaffar stayed in jail for two years. In the year 2005 when he got out of jail on bail then after some days all the three gangmen of Katte  gang also came out. 
 When they met outside the jail then the three introduced Gaffar to Katte . Manna was bold and fearless, this is why Katte   took him in gang. Gaffar carried out many crimes so fearlessly. He carried out robbery in front of banks in Samaypur Colony  and RK Ganj , not only that he also robbed the bank van. Police tried its best to arrest him to put him behind the bar, but in vain.
 During this time in 2008 with Katte  gang, Gaffar robbed some one of 17 lakh rupees in front of a bank in Sukha  Kuan area. This incident has made a big hue and cry in Chandigarh . This is why Harveer  Singh, ACP, Crime Branch has decided to catch him by hook or crook.
 Harveer  Singh succeeded also in arresting Gaffar, and he also found some strong cases against him. And in the court after six months of hearing was sentenced for seven years of rigorous imprisonment.  
 This time Gaffar met some bigshots of crime world in the jail. Katte  was already in the jail. Apart from him, Gaffar befriended with the serial killer brothers (Saiyad, Sohrab and Rustam). Western UP crime mafia Rasool Vali was also in Tihar during this time. Gaffar got so impressed with Rasool that he made him crime guru. During this time Salman Ali  was also there in Jail, he also befriended with Gaffar.
This is noteworthy that Ali  had reached to Jail by killing someone for his girlfriend Ayesha. Ayesha was also caught along with Ali  and she was also cooling her heels in the jail.
After finishing serving the seven years’ term of imprisonment, Gaffar got out of jail. He knew that police keeps special vigil over the people released from jail. This is why for some months he stayed away from crime and criminals. Then for the pretention, he became a property dealer.  Behind this face, he started selling the stolen cars with Rasool Vali’s nephew and his old pal Ashraf.  Gaffar would change the chasis number of the stolen car, get the fake documents prepared and then he would sell the cars. Chandigarh ’s cars were sold usually in the cities like Panipat, Bathinda, etc.
The journey of this crime did not take him too long. The Crime Branch of Chandigarh  Police arrested Gaffar with so many stolen vehicles. In this case Gaffar was accompanied Mobin, Kasim, Aslam from Meerut along with Sanjay from Amritsar.  
 Police sent him jail but he again came out in only two months on bail.
 After getting released from jail, the serial killer of Ludhiyana, Saiyad gave him the assignment of killing Danish Shakil.
 Danish was the lover of Saiyad’s ex wife Arshadara. In July 2016 Arshad got divorced with Saiyad. Arshad was also the vice president of Kant Board.
 Saiyad and Danish were old friends. Danish was a big property dealer and contractor. He was also a youth leader of Samajvadi Party. Danish’s grandfather Nasir Khan was a Member of Parliament from Nearby district. On the other hand Arshad was getting ambitious to enter into politics. Exploiting the high status of Danish and his family she wanted to make a big leap in the politics. This is why she came closer to Danish. She found her husband’s criminal life coming on her way as an obstacle. This made herself stay distanced from her husband and his family. Then Arshad opted for divorce also.
 Saiyad and Arshad now divorced still Saiyad was not able to digest the fact that his ex-wife was roaming around with Danish. He did not want people to talk about the spicy stories of their affair. This way it looked to him that his empire of fear would shatter soon. This is what made him give Supari of Danish to Gaffar.
 For the plan to stay fool proof he also instructed one of his associates Irfan to befriend Danish so closely that he could trap him to be killed by Gaffar. He gave the task of shooting to Ravi, Gaffar and two other Nangal shooters.
On 5th of July 2016 Danish was coming back after watching the final match of a night cricket tournament from Raja Bazar. Irfan was driving the bike and Danish was sitting on the back seat. They reached to Navdeep Cinema and suddenly two bikers came from the back and shot Danish dead right there.  
 On the basis of doubt, police arrested Irfan and then all the conspiracy of the killing got solved.
 On the basis of the statement of Irfan, police arrested Azhar, Imran, Akhlaq, Vasiq Ali alias Ballu and Jalal. After the incident Gaffar had fled to Chandigarh  from Ludhiyana, this is why he could not be found by the police in Ludhiyana. This is why police announced a 15 thousand Rupees cash award on his arrest.
After coming back Abdul Mannag started getting close to Ayesha. Actually after getting released from jail, Gaffar kept meeting Ali . During these meetings he got close to his wife Ayesha. When they came closer, Ayesha one day told Gaffar that Ali  was a petty thief. This is why she wanted to shift to Dubai by getting married to Sameerul .
 About Sameerul  she told him that he basically was from Ludhiyana but was having his business in Dubai and was now settled there only. First they became friends and then fell in love with each other later. Mujib was also too keen on marrying her, Ayesha told. 
 From some sources Ayesha came to know that Gaffar is a wanted in Ludhiyana murder. Police had declared an award of 10thousand rupees also on his arrest. Taking advantage of this tip, Ayesha started provoking him against Ali  –‘‘Ali  is giving your informations to the police. He wants to get the award getting you arrested. If he does so, the police will also free him from their trap.’’
 Trusting Ayesha’s statement, Gaffar started staying away from Ali .
 Ayesha was happy that the hunter eagle was in her trap now.
 After this she called her brother Sarfaraj and conducted a meeting with Gaffar. She told them, ‘‘I want to live a life with respect and peace. I am sick and tired of living a life full of humiliation. Please help me get rid of Ali  then I would go to Dubai and get married to Mujib.’’
 Gaffar was already indignant with Ali , so he got ready to help her any way she wanted. Ayesha was waiting for this moment only. She said right away, ‘‘Get Ali  out of my way and I will give you 5 Lakh for that.’’
 After she finished, Sarfaraj gave Gaffar Seventy Five  thousand rupees as an advance for the job. ‘‘Here is the advance, you will get the remaining four lakh Seventy Five  thousand rupees, ones you accomplish the task.’’
 Gaffar put the envelop of Seventy Five  thousand in his pocket.
 After that Gaffar thought, once Ali  dies, Ayesha would flee to Dubai. One murder case is already pending in the court against her, so she would not come back to India from Dubai. This is why the remaining money of the Supari would be lost.
 Gaffar contacted Ayesha and asked for the complete Supari money in advance. Ayesha did not agree on this. She said, she could only pay the remaining money after the task is accomplished.
 Gaffar needed the money. This is why he did not want to return the money. This is why he thought of a plan so that he could make a pressure on Ayesha.
Gaffar invited his criminal friend Ijhar from Barabanki to Chandigarh  and told him about what he wanted. He showed him Ali  from a distance also.
 Ijhar stole a bike from Chandigarh  only and on 23rd of December, 2017 and he wounded Ali  shooting on his thigh in Pandav Mandi.
   Ayesha did not know who shot Ali . This is why she showed her anger calling Gaffar. Then Gaffar told her laughingly, ‘‘He is shot on my signal only. This way I have given you the message that if you do not give the full money the work will be half only. If you pay the remaining amount, the next bullet will pierce into the chaste of Ali .’’
 Ayesha promised to arrange the rest amount in the next four to five days.
 Before Ayesha would give Gaffar the money and then he himself or from someone else would get Ali  killed,  the special staff team arrested Gaffar.
 On 26th of December Amar Kumar presented Gaffar in the Patiyala House Court of Chief Metropolitan Judge and from there Gaffar was given a seven day police remand.
 On the basis of the statement of Gaffar, Amar Kumar also arrested Ayesha and interrogated her. Ayesha straight away denied the allegations that she had assigned Gaffar to kill Ali . She said – ‘‘Gaffar wanted to kill Ali  because he was giving tips to the police about him. He rapped me also in his case.’’
 Ayesha told to the special staff that she was a divorcee and was living in a live-in relationship with Ali  after getting divorced from her husband. She said she was in love with Sameerul g of Dubai, who she already had married. This is why she did not need to give Supari for Ali ’s killing. This is another thing that she later could not produce the marriage certificate before the special staff as a proof of her marriage with Sameerul .
There was no solid proof of Ayesha’s indulgence in the incident, this is why her challan was not carried out by the police.
Gaffar was in jail by the time the story was being written and police was investigating Ayesha’s involvement in the case. Amar Kumar says – ‘‘Once we get the proof against Ayesha, she will also be arrested.’’


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