Being Realistic: Humble appeal to the news media 

what a realistic acount of the situation being 'utilized' by media today in India..let us see exactly what Sushil Jalan points out..

All day long only showing— hospitals full of patients, disadvantaged families, helpless families roaming around, suffering from hunger, dying people, burning pyres–doesn’t do any good to us or give no new information at all!!!!
What do you want to prove by spreading panic? Creating so much fear that even a healthy person is getting sick.
We all know that there is a pandemic going on, we also know that it is enough to say that there is no control over the situation – and nobody knows what’s the right decision !!
Don’t break it- if you can’t boost our morale!!!
Help to solve the problems.
■ Show interviews of recovered patients.
■ Search and let us know where to find oxygen cylinder.
■ Create a database of plasma donors.
■ Tell us how many beds in which hospital are available.
■ Provide Ambulance Service Details.
■ Encourage everyone to serve.
■ Provide information about where and what benefits are available.
■ Force people’s representatives to do social service instead of showing war games in studio.
■ Give information on where and to find doctors without scary interviews of doctors.
Please do your own duties as well. Let all of us come together and help each other in what ever way we can. WE ALL ARE FIGHTERS AND TOGETHER WE WILL FIGHT THIS BATTLE.


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