Is it really coming soon? Is the third wave around the corner?

Most of the country’s top corona experts have been answering the most asked question of the month with the answer – Aye, Aye ! Hearing it sounds scary that – Yes, the third wave of corona may come between the next 6 to 8 weeks..

Not a news but a warning

We got alarmed with a warning in the beginning of this month. This warning had come from the AIIMS director regarding Corona, in which Dr. Guleria clearly warns the country, saying that Corona has not gone and the lurking danger is not over yet.

Viva, Guleria !

Dr Randeep Guleria says that the virus is not even going to go away yet. Even after a year and a half, Corona virus is refusing to be thrown out of the window as a shameless guest in Indian living room. It  obstinately trying to remain a headache for six more months around. As the ridiculous problem,  the Covid-19 has been sneaking in again and again in different disguises which is now preparing to come as the third wave.

Thanks to AIIMS

Thanks to the AIIMS for their timely alert – the third wave of Corona is coming. It is less a news, more a warning. The AIIMS Director issues this warning saying that if the corona guidelines are not followed properly and if the crowd at markets or tourist spots does not stop thronging, then the third wave of corona across the country can attack within only one to two months.

No harm for kids

The fear of kids being harmed in the third attack of Corona has proved pointless overtly. The worrying people can now take a sigh of relief, their kids are safe. As it was being said that the third wave of Corona will attack the children – Dr. Guleria has not agreed with it. He says, we have not received any such evidence in our research so far which could relate this apprehension of third wave with kids’ health. So now it is well clear the third Corona wave will not target more children than adults.

‘When’ answered too

Simultaneously the question of – When, has also been heard and answered. if we look at the statement of the epidemiologists of the country, they had predicted the possibility of a third wave of corona by September-October.

Get ready for the Corona Kaal-3

If the news of the arrival of the third wave is really true, then it may come somewhere between the second and the fourth week in the month of August. In such a situation, to save the country from the third wave, we have to gear up and show discipline across the country like we did during the Corona period-1.

The most imperative of all

The most important of these measures which are going to be imperative , is vaccination. The maximum population of the country will have to be vaccinated. In every part of the country, people on and off streets have to follow the Kovid guidelines. Those areas will have to be monitored very carefully  where the cases of corona are seen increasing rapidly. Wherever the number of corona positive patients is found to be more than 5%, such areas will have to be declared as a containment Zone.
(Ankita Singh)


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