Kaun Banega Maha-pati with Aditya Thakre

just a satire..nothing to do with reality..


Last night Aditya Thakre had a dream in which he was playing KAUN BANEGA MAHARSHTRAPATHI with the Governor.

Governor: Ladies and Gentlemen, now I have with me Mr. Adithya Thakre on the Hot seat. Mr.Thakre, are you ready to play?

Adithya: Yes.

G: OK. Let’s play this Adbhuth khel jiska naam hain Kaun Banega Maharashtrapathi. So, your first question is on the screen. The next chief minister is from which party? The options are, A: BJP, B:Shivsena, C:NCP and D:Congress.

A: The right answer is B… Shivsena

G: Are you sure?

A: Yes of course

G: Confident??

A: Err….. I think so..

G: You want me to lock it?

A: Hmm…my be… Wait..OK… But… Hold on….

G: Time is running out. If you are confused, you can use the life line.

A: OK I will go with Audience poll.

G: OK. Audience, Adithya is asking for your help. Please vote.

After 10 seconds,

G: Oh… The audience are also in a dilemma. They have given 40% to BJP, 22% to Shivsena, 20% to NCP and 18% to congress. What do you want to do?

A: I think I will use my second lifeline. phone a friend.

G: OK Computer Mahashay. Hold on. There are 3 friends. Devendra Fadnavis, Sharad Pawar and Sonia Gandhi. Whom do you choose?

A: Sharad Pawar.

G: Oh…. I thought you will call Devendra Fadnavis.

A: No..No, I don’t think he will help me this time. Please connect me to Sharad Pawar.

G: OK. Computer ji, please call Sharad Pawarji (call connected). Sharad Pawarji

Sharad: yes..

G: Namashkar this is Governor here. I am calling from Kaun Banega Maharashtra-pathi, Mr. Adithya Thakreji is sitting In front of me and he is stuck with a question and he is asking for your help. He will ask a question and you have 30 seconds to answer.

S: OK.

G: Thakreji, your time starts now.

A: Pawarji, the question is, the next chief minister is from which party. A-BJP, B-Shivsena, C- NCP, D- Congress

S: Shivsena

A: (Excited) Wow…Thank you Pawar hi

S: No… One second.. On a second thought… I think NCP.

A: what?

S: may be Congress.

A: Sharad ji, Time is running out and the Governor is not giving me more time. Please make it fast. Shivsena is the right answer na?

S: No.. I think..(call gets disconnected)

G: Sorry Thakreji, that lifeline also did not help you I guess. Still, you have 2 more lifelines 50:50 and Swap the question.

A: I will go with 50:50

G: OK computerji, Adithya is using his 3rd lifeline. 50:50. Please remove 2 wrong answers.

Computer removes BJP and Shivsena.

G: Oh… Your 50:50 option has removed both BJP and Shivsena. Now, the remaining answers are NCP and Congress only. What do you want to do?

A: I will use the last lifeline. Swap the question

G: Okay. Computerji, please swap this question and give us a new question.

The computer gives a new question.

G: Okay Adithya, the new question is, What will happen next, in Maharashtra. The option is A: President Rule, B: President Rule, C: President Rule, D: President Rule. What will you do now?

A: Oh.. This is an unfair game show… I will QUIT. I will take this up to Supreme Court. Where is Kapil Sibal Uncle?


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