A Niti Aayog report released last year apprises about the Day Zero for 21 Indian cities by the year 2019, denoting zero drinking water availability onwards

India is on the brink of losing its first life line called water in the days to come. The country is facing the worst water crisis, says NITI Aayog. We need to get ready for the war for water. War for water both ways – either before or after the Day Zero. About half of India is facing drinking water crisis with Chennai and Bengaluru.

According to the Niti Aayog’s Composite Water Management Index (CWMI), Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi and Hyderabad are among the most susceptible cities out of the twenty one cities about to witness Day Zero in 2020. The government has created a new Jal Shakti ministry to deal with drinking water crisis. This is what Modi is doing but what comes on the part of people of India, is doing their bit at their best to preserve water just like money. Saving water drop by drop will avail you gulps of water in response.

We can still avoid the fetal circumstances if we act militarily considering it a question of life and death..which actually it is!

As I maintained in the previous article of mine that as the problem as the solution. If it is so enormous, its solution also at the same time needs to be of the same stature, at equally extensive level.

The government requires to be too attentive towards tackling the water crisis not only extensively but also at the military level. Only government efforts will not work, the people will also have to gear up with the government.

Maybe this article of mine here will be read by the people above the general public. The fact still is unchanged, the problem belongs to all of us. Henceforth, if all the people take responsibility to make others aware in order to feel seriously responsible for the water conservation on their level best, that would be the best thing we can do about it. Yes, coming together we can avoid this natural calamity.

Here are some suggestions that, as per my notion, can certainly make a big difference. If they are implemented, then perhaps we can parry the crisis temporarily away from our head. And eventually can get rid of it for good too. We have become modern and are called twenty first century civilian, still using the natural resources like water, air, soil, trees and plants, is something we have not yet learnt even today.

Each head of every family has to swear in to take responsibility of apprising and encouraging his family to save water. Explaining the importance of water to the children along will rest of the family members, is the need of the hour at house. We need to present country’s water crisis before them without mincing no word so that the reckless water wastage could be at home.

Do not waste large amounts of water in bathing. Be wise enough to understand the point from where the water wastage starts. Sheer wastage of water is not called bathing. Bathing with bucket or under shower bathing should be done expediently.

Men of the house also waste water daily in bathroom. While brushing and shaving, it often happens that the tap is left turned on while you are busy brushing or shaving. This is silly wastage of water. Think about it, how much water is shed in a year in India just because of this petty folly?

Leave the year talk about day. Billions of buckets of water is wasted every day, now it can be painful if you count the total amount of daily wasted water in India. It is a shame.

The head-on crisis does not allow us to have the luxury of swimming pools in the country any more. We need to save water and use it for right purpose righteously. Water parks are also another huge source of water wastage. The money earned there is not worth it, whereas water is simply worth life.

The home maids should also be made aware to stop water wastage while dish washing or cooking. You would be taken aback if you watch them working in the kitchen, the tab is on and they are doing the dishes, too unfortunately silly. Saving water should be our practice and it should be inculcated in our life and nature, no matter where we are, no matter what we are doing.

Large and wide tabs should be immediately closed since they throw more water than needed. Replacing them every bathroom requires small opening tabs. The leaking water tabs should either be fixed or fined if found carelessly unchecked.  Auto-tabs are also a source of water wastage it throws more than four times water than the requirement. They also need to be replaced with regular tabs in hotels and public toilets.

I am coming up with more water saving ways, but what is more essential is all of us reading this article should feel responsible equally and they must apprise others rightly who do not know this to make them also feel responsible. There are hell of a lot people around us who either ain’t aware of it or just too insensitive about it. Tell them – if you wanna live, be water sensitive !!


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