Mulaquat with Senior BJP Spokesman Shahnawaz Hussain

he News India Global's exclusive interaction with the BJP Spokesperson, Shahnawaz Hussain..


I recently had a tete a tete with Senior BJP leader and Party Spokesperson Mr. Shahnawaz Hussain in its special program, Power Mulaquat. Kashmir, as the most sensitive issue of the country, was the center point of the session.  

A couple of weeks ago, the historic decision of the Modi government eliminated Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir. After that the opposition parties started making a big hue and cry about this decision saying it has created an atmosphere of unrest in the country. While the reality is just the bang opposite, after this decision an atmosphere of peace has started to exist in the country and especially in this region,.

On asking if it was a Muslim issue, Mr. Shahnawaz Hussain held that in India not a single Muslim is going to go outside the country, nor is anyone going to come inside the country. Same way Hindus are also not going out. Now investment will start coming over in the Jammu and Kashmir region. The state will become the hub of health, education and IT now. Talk about the climate of J&K, it will become a bigger tourist destination than Switzerland. There will be a lot of improvement in Jammu and Kashmir. What did those or Kashmir get from the people who imposed Article  370 there?. They were told different kinds of things. The people of the Hurriyat Conference presented the move as if it was some kind of an attack on Muslims. The world’s largest population lives in India after Indonesia. And for the Muslims of India, there will be no better country than India, no better friends than Hindus and no better leaders than Modi. The reason is that Modi is an honest leader. If you give an exam, the result is going to be honest too.

Though, Congress, which has been opposing just for sake of opposing Modi and it has also found an excuse for protesting that this move will end Kashmiriyat of Kashmiris. On asking Mr Hussain about the reality behind this, He said, see, I am Bihari. If Bihar does not have Section 370, then is there my identity of Bihariyat lost? So it is unfortunate to say such things. Each of our states has its own identity. Tamil Nadu has its own identity, Maharashtra has its own identity, Punjab has its own and even North-East carries its own identity but all together we are all Indians. Everyone uniquely calls themselves Indians, how can identity be lost?

While Pakistan is threatening, they will go to the United Nations, India shows no concern over it. Mr. Hussain sounds firm on this saying, whether Pakistan goes to United Nations or drowns in the sea, we don’t care. Pak PM Imran Khan went to America and came back meeting Trump with the idea of ​​meddling in Kashmir. He became the Prime Minister after making various kinds of promises in the elections, but now he is not being able to face people, so now he wants to divert public attention towards such issues for face-saving.

Over the issue of the infiltration of terrorists into the country from across the borders being a big headache for India which is also a huge threat to national security, the senior BJP leader maintains that the problem of Jammu and Kashmir has been solved and the country is completely safe under the leadership of Narendra Modi. No one needs to worry. No one has given the answer to terrorism and terrorists as given by the Modi government.  We know what the terrorists think, we know how to respond to them.

Asking about the separatist leaders, who are supporting terrorism indirectly by supporting Pakistan, the BJP Spokesperson says, there is no point in talking to them?. Now what are we going to talk to them about?They have no influence among the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Those who are separatist leaders, have no status left now. They uselessly keep talking like this. They showed false dreams to J&K people leading them astray in the world of terrorism. And that has seen more than forty thousand people killed.

The PC Editor recalled a recent instance of a conversation with a Congress MP over the Kashmir issue. The reaction of the Cong MP was full of bitterness saying that – how long will the government be able to keep army stationed there. Some day the removal of the army men has to take place and then the country will witness an enormous revolt erupting in Kashmir. Mr Hussain reacted positively over it. He says, the people of Kashmir are with us. We will go together, we worry about them and are winning their hearts. The people of Jammu and Kashmir living in any part of the country will be fully protected. The people of the country will tender full respect to them, the way Narendra Modi government has to them.

In his last tenure, PM Modi worked equally hard outside and inside the country. This time he is paying more attention within the country. The government is diligently working on public welfare issues. The NITI Aayog report has just come out with an alert saying there is a huge water crisis in the country around the corner. And then the question arises – are we ready for a crisis of this severity? Representing the government, Mr Shahnawaz Hussain clarifies that Modi ji has done a lot of work within the country in his last term also. He has built the country’s credibility very strong outside also. If he has not done so, Pakistan would not have been isolated today. He is still going to make Indian goodwill in the world. I believe that the problems of the country such as the problem of water, were taken seriously by the Prime Minister. And for this, he has created Jal Shakti Mantralay and in his Man Ki Baat program, he has also emphasized on water conservation. We all have to take the thoughts like Saving Water, Water is life, forward. It should be taken forward by all and by all means.

One thing is more important than all, information of the schemes of public welfare you are working with all your diligence, should also reach to people. asking if the government is also making efforts in order to make the schemes accessible to the people, Mr Hussain holds that the government is going to convey all information to the people. Narendra Modi looks equally at all the people of the entire country. Hindu, Muslim, Christian, the Forward, the Backwrd – this does not mean anything to him. He respects all.  For them, all are Indians and worrying about everyone, he considers as his responsibility. This is a huge mandate. Narendra Modi ji is taking forward this mandate and the pressure of this mandate is also on him. And he has also proved rightly worthy on the expectation bar, people have set for him.



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