Rahul Gandhi helping BJP to Cong-Free-India campaign?

(Anshuman Tripathi)


The emotional efforts are once again on to stop Rahul Gandhi from renouncing the position of the party president. The party workers are gathering in large numbers in the congress head-quarter. People are expressing their grief and anguish in different ways. Some leaders are sending their resignations to demonstrate their sincerity. But, Rahul Gandhi is adamant. Gandhi family knows that the majority of the persons in congress believe in demonstrating sincerity rather than having it. Until the BJP was weak the congress party kept on earning success due to the charisma of Gandhi family. The party high – command remained surrounded by a special class of people who in return enjoyed the fruits of power. Their main objective was to create huge personal properties by maintaining a good understanding of the opposition. This is the class that is most severely hit by the adamancy of Rahul Gandhi’s.

But congress is a personal political brand for Gandhi family. Congress has come down because of such power-hungry leaders. In the era of money and treachery supported politics, the workers of the party are either scattered or have become frustrated. No leader has the interest to bring the new generation to the front. Only those young leaders who flattered these senior leaders could move ahead. Obviously,  they became more concerned about their mentors and guardians rather than having sincerity for Gandhi family and congress. In spite of the miserable plight of the Congress party even after winning elections in three states, the fight for chair rose to a level where the high command was feeling completely helpless. Even it has to grant desired gifts to these senior leaders for keeping them under control.

Rahul Gandhi was witnessing all this. In true sense, his disenchantment was the outcome of this lust for power. Yet, he was kept in the dark by such flattering advisers and leaders who always remain around him. The BJP’s strategic preparations had actually started in 2014. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah planned each day as a political event. Keeping in mind the goals of the RSS, simultaneous efforts were made on several levels of different strategies. The main goal of RSS is to paint entire India in saffron color and to overcome all the hindrances in the path of establishing the rule of Hindutva, forever. That is why this campaign was tagged as Congress-free India.

But, congress represents the country’s liberal culture which not only encompasses the sentiment of everything is okay, all religions are equal and also the western secularism. But some leaders tried to favor the Muslim interests for personal gain and made the impression of the party bad. The RSS publicized it secretly and BJP encased it. The Antoine Committee warned party high command well in time but party leadership failed to understand it. Congress did not even have workers, who could compete with such publicity at the local level. From All India level to state, district and block level, the committees were packed with flatters of senior leaders.

The biggest problem of the Congress high command is that it becomes hyperactive only during the elections. All efforts of motivating the local leaders do not prove good enough to activate them physically, mentally and emotionally. These days politics need a lot of money. While in power, only the senior leaders and their associates make money. Under the circumstances, if sincere workers try to make efforts, they are demotivated by their families and relatives. At present, Congress needs workers and money to motivate them. The strategy of Sangh and BJP was to keep making profits from their businesses with the help of the leaders of Congress even when Congress was in power. They never faced any problem to get their objectives fulfilled. Congress had to look for the support of the Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party even for the development of  Amethi and Rai Bareli. In addition to this, the allegations of dynasty politics was a strong enough reason to keep young voters of the new generation to keep at bay. It is very evident that the young voters of India are playing a very important role in deciding the leadership of the country. And the BJP understood the expectations of these young voters. They were taught the lesson of nationalism in such a way that they started considering the Balakot Attack as the biggest achievement of the BJP government. Congress did not have such a publicity mechanism that its issues of development, employment and corruption could reach the public.

Rahul Gandhi is understanding the plight of the party very well. He has understood that these leaders are using his reputation for their personal gains and also acting as informers. Such leaders have been joining the BJP, one after the other, for the last five years. And those who are still in the party want the same benefits, here. Rahul is not left with anything to give to them. At this point, in order to stop the Congress-free India campaign, the Gandhi family will have to do work at the ground level. One should not forget that even with all sorts of resources the Modi and Amit Shah duo has traveled entire India very extensively. The extent of the efforts is matchless and we have no similar example from the history of independent India. Before the 2019 election, Amit Shah had completed a million-kilometer journey. No effort was left to bring the plan of making the country a Hindu state in an undeclared manner to the ground.  Congress needs to work on such a comprehensive strategy. At the same time, it has to be kept in mind that it should not be tagged as pro-Muslim.

It is certain that the Gandhi family is not going to leave the battlefield. Priyanka Gandhi has started working actively. Elections in Maharashtra, Haryana, and Jharkhand are at a hand’s distance. Congress has to face these elections as the first challenge. These elections will decide how much more efforts the Gandhi family will have to make in the coming days. The publicity alone will not be enough. Selecting the right candidates will also not be yielding. The results will come only after bringing the workers with full zeal and spirit in the field. As previously, in spite of all odd the party tasted victory, the party can repeat the same performance in the coming elections. But remember that in more than half of the seats in the Lok Sabha elections, there were no workers to set up the booths. While Amit Shah kept his direct supervision. For the party,  the dedicated workers are more important than the advisors. For that it is important that they must come on the roads without caring for the glamour. Coming to the roads will not be enough and they will have to work full time and all the time with full attention and dedication to achieve the results of set targets.

But this is not very easy for the Congress. The public suffering from issues like starvation, unemployment, health problems, illiteracy, and insecurity forgets its pain and grief with issues like Jammu-Kashmir, Ram Temple, Common Civil Code, etc. Its cries are welled in slogans like hindu – Muslim-Pakistan and cheaters. The country’s capital class bears the financial burden for these fanaticism packed processions. The rich versus poor issue cannot be tackled with slogans, especially when we are up against the political parties fighting for rich in the disguise of fighting for the poor. Congress will have to be back to its roots. Mahatma Gandhi’s congress will have to be revived. The spirit of Ishwar-Allah will have to be rejuvenated and the prayers for the well-being of all will have to be made with full sincerity because the country is once again passing through an era of violence and hatred.

The issue actually is not about congress free India but is about no-opposition India. Today’s opposition is very weak. It is ready to make any compromise even if it involves the sacrifice of the ideology,  for its survival. But every democracy requires a strong opposition. Congress is the only national party that can strengthen democracy by making a consortium with all parties in opposition. Under the circumstances, it is certain that Congress will not let Rahul Gandhi pull back.

(Anshuman Tripathi)


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