The pro-active PM has a pro-active Home Minister


The challenges ahead expect the pragmatic execution of Mr. Amit Shah being a pro-active Home Minister of India now on..

Walking on the footprints of Prime Minister Modi, his new Home Minister also appears to be preoccupied with the day one of his cabinet birth. The new Home Minister is not unaware of a practical deck of politics. He has been serving Bhartiya Janata Party for more than two decades now. He is the person who is known as the Chanakya of the BJP who has brought the party to the height of 303 seats in the parliament.

We all know, Amit Shah is not new to the responsibilities of a home minister. He has been serving as the home minister of Gujarat and held other portfolios from 2002 to 2010. Now he has his work cut out properly be it from Kashmir or to Assam. The new Home Minister will be too busy handling the situation in Jammu Kashmir which is possibly going to hold state assembly elections in the month of November this year. On the other hand, the National Register of Citizens in Assam will also require the Minister’s constant attention.

Amit Shah is the 30th home minister of India and possibly honoring him the party had started cleaning the Home Ministry office in the old North Block on Raisina Hill along right after publishing the new Council of Ministers. On the other hand, now former HM,  Rajnath Singh has shifted to the Defence Ministry in South Block.

Ahead of his new grand beginning as Union Home Minister, many challenges await his practical arrival. Fragile law and order situation in J&K, regular Maoist attacks in  Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Maharashtra and also the cross border infiltration are among them.

Tweeting his resolve for his responsibilities ahead Shah tweets -“The safety, security and welfare of citizens will be the priority of the Narendra Modi government. Under the leadership of PM Modi, I will try my best to achieve this,”

While the J&K situation will improve and the President’s Rule will come to an end, the law and order situation will be improved so as to the state elections could be held. Central India would heave a sigh of relief after Shah’s proper handling would succeed in controlling and eventually ceasing the Maoist attacks in Maharashtra, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh. Being the in-charge of all central paramilitary forces (Central Armed Police Force (CAPF) he will also be responsible for ensuring law and order in the country.

Other than this, Assam expects Shah to handle the National Register of Citizens (NRC) amicably along with the Citizenship Bill expediently which has also been advocated by him also during his poll speeches. Tracing illegal immigrants mostly from Bangladesh border residing in the state need to be caught and sent back. There would be many eyes watching him act on the Citizenship Bill which proposes to grant Indian citizenship to those fleeing religious minorities from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan to India in order to escape religious persecution.

Cross border infiltration is also an age-old pain which directly presents the security threats for India. The Indo-Pakistan border infiltration is not the only issue it is also seen along the border with Bangladesh and Myanmar. If we go by a recent report, in the last two years there were cases of successful infiltration of more than four hundred terrorists into J&K. talk about Bangladesh, from there the infiltration into Assam and Tripura is almost rampant defacing the demographic substitution in the bordering districts. Unfortunately for the natives, they have been made now a minority in their own homelands which are witnessed by a number of popular agitations in the past three-four decades against this here.

The NCRB is the next challenge. National Crime Records Bureau being the significant wing of Union Home Ministry bears the responsibility of preparing important annual reports on the law and order situation in the country.

NCRB for some reasons has not released the last two years the state-wise annual report ‘Crime in India’ which is on since 1953. Along with this another annual key report ‘Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India’ has also not been released since 2015. This report gets more significant hailing from the only official country-wide data on farmers’ suicide. Its findings give valuable insight into the status of agrarian distress in the country.


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