NIG Crime File : Sensational Story of Sheena Honey Joseph

It sure was not greed initially when she fell in love with Jayesh because she herself was a prey to the cheat-star. But later when she came to know the reality it was too late..and she was emotionally a party to what was going on..with the thag-raaj !
Every sensible person saves some money for adverse situations and future needs. Saving money is a tradition in the country. However, the basic difference of yesteryears’ saving technique and modern saving techniques is that in past, people only saved their money but in modern era, people are not only saving their money but also looking for the opportunity to make their savings double and triple. To achieve this goal, they are investing their money in different schemes launched by different companies.
Dr. Amogh Shah too had made investment in a company named as Lion Oak India. He had invested five lakh rupees in this financial company on the suggestion of Dr. Paul.
Company was suppressed to return its investors the invested amount after one year and this amount had to be three times more than the principal amount. It means, Dr. Amogh was expecting fifteen lakh rupees against his five lakh investment.
Dr. Amogh was aware of the fact that the financial institution of the country follow the rules and regulations of Reserve Bank of India. There was no any such scheme launched by Reserve Bank, under which as investor was promised to get three times more money against the principal amount. Despite knowing this fact, he made an investment of five lakh rupees in the Lion Oak India. Actually the reason of Dr. Shah’s trust on this financial company was those big and renowned names which were clients of this company. Among those names the prominent were–Akhtar Hussain Jaipuri, the son of Late lyricist Hasrat Jaipuri, his grandons, Adil Akhtar Jaipuri and one relative Nasir Jaipuri. Besides, the heroine of ‘Chennai Café’ Sheena Honey Joseph was the part of the board of directors of the company.
Apart from this the company had included the names of renowned industrialists and politicians in its list of clients.
When Dr. Shah saw these prominent names in the client’s list of company, he got convinced that there is no reason to doubt the credibility of this company. Finally, Dr. Shah invested five lakh rupees in this company.
The company had issued a receipt and a bond against this investment. A date was mentioned on these papers on which the company had to pay 15 lakhs rupees to Dr. Shah and this payment was to be made just one year after the investment.
While handing over the receipt and bond to Dr. Shah the managing director of the company, Alok Chandraswamy said, “Dr. Shah you can come to our office empty handed on the date mentioned at this receipt and we will pay you fifteen lakh rupees immediately.”
After one years period, Dr. Shah reached Lion Oak India’s office and met with Alok Chandraswamy. Then he handed over the bond paper and receipt to him and said with a smile, “Mr. Alok, as desired by you, I have come to your office and that too empty handed, I hope you will pay me my money which is only fifteen lakh rupees.”
“Of course, we run our business only because our investors show their trust in us. Our account section would have already prepared your briefcase containing fifteen lakh rupees. But before that you have to sign a few papers. After that you can take your money and I will be the person who will take you to your home.”
“Today, I am feeling extremely satisfied and I can say with confidence that investing my money in Lion Oak India was not a wrong decision.” Dr. Shah replied in an ecstatic manner. He further said, “When I made this decision a few persons tried to stop me for investing money in this company. They had +warned me that by taking this step I will not only lose my five lakh rupees, but also find myself in deep trouble.”
Alok’s smiled and reacted, “Dr. Saheb, only negative people spread such rumors. They neither achieve anything in their life nor want to see the success of others. These people are confused and spend their whole life in dilemma. Let me tell you an anecdote so that you could understand my point in better way. Then Alok started telling him a story:
Two friends, Sajan and Rajan, were residing in a village. Both friends were poor. Sajan was a man of positive thinking while Rajan’s thinking was negative. Sajan would do everything to become successful in life but Rajan always lived in confused state. Since Rajan’s thinking was negative, he always found fault in Sajan’s planning.
Once Sajan made a plan to buy a buffalo and told Rajan, “We should buy a buffalo by contributing equal amount of money. We will sell milk and then we can also earn money by selling dung cake and fertilizers. Then we will save money and after one year we would purchase another buffalo. Our income will become just double. The number of our buffalos will increase year by year and one day, we will become the owner of a number of buffalos. Now tell me what do you think? Are you ready to start business in partnership?”
“You plan is really praiseworthy but what will happen if the buffalo dies?
Sajan replied, “What rubbish! How can the buffalo die?”
“Nowadays there is no guarantee of a human’s life and so you cannot tell with certainty that the buffalo will not die,” Rajan put his point.
Sajan kept on making him understand that a person should not be negative in his approach. Only a man of positive thinking can be successful in his life. But due to negative thinking Rajan was so confused and he had only one question in mind, “What will happen if the buffalo dies?”
Sajan understood that he cannot convince Rajan and decided to buy a buffalo by investing his own money only. He took some loan and brought a buffalo. Rajan was waiting for buffalo’s death but nothing such happened and Sajan became owner of a number of buffalos after a few years of labour. He became rich but Rajan was still a poor man. He would curse himself for not starting business in partnership and feel envious to see Sajan’s progress.”
The story came to its end and Alok flashed a smile and said, “Dr. Saheb, there is the same difference between your and those people’s thinking who prevented you from investing in our company. Just see, your five lakh rupees turned into fifteen lakh in only one year and those who tried to misguide you are cursing their destiny. However, due to their negative thinking they would never gather courage to invest in our company.”
Dr. Shah was highly impressed by the story of Sajan and Rajan and sensible talking of Alok. He flashed a smile and said, “Yes, you are absolutely right.” Then he itched his right palm and urged, “Mr. Alok, my right palm is itching. Please tell someone to bring my money.”
“Why are you feeling so restless? You have come to our office and we will pay the promised money to you.” Alok smiled, “But first you enjoy a cold drink.” Alok called a peon and ordered him to bring cold drink. The peon served the drink within two minutes.
While sipping the cold drink, Alok spoke, “Dr. Saheb, although I am not authorized to ask you this question, still I want to know that what will you do with this fifteen lakh rupees?”
“I will deposit the money in my bank account.” Dr. Shah replied while sipping the cold drink, “Savings prove helpful in adverse circumstances.”
“If you had put your money in bank, what amount would have been added to your principal?”
“In that case I would have got some yearly interest and that’s it.”
“No bank would have given you fifteen lakh rupees for your five lakh principal amount, am I right?”
“Of course.”
“Then why are you running after bank?” Alok tried to brainwash Dr. Shah. “A sensible person doesn’t only save his money but makes it double and triple. I suggest you to continue this deal with us and see your money growing to a new height in a minimum time.”
Dr. Shah looked into Alok’s eyes, “Make it simple. What do you want to say?”
‘‘Our company has launched special schemes like lucky no. 5, Special Harvest Week, Super Harvest Week, New Year Bonanza, Christmas Bonanza, Pre-Diwali Golden Diamond Scheme, One plus one, One plus two, Ganesh special, Durga Puja and Onam special etc.” Alok spread a golden trap, “Your five lakh is fifteen lakh now. I urge you to invest this fifteen lakh in any one of these schemes and within three years your fifteen lakh would become fifty lakh. Besides, we will give you a Duster Car and a pair of glasses worth rupees eight lakh as bonus.’’
Alok took Dr. Shah in such an imaginary world that he got trapped in his dream world. He reinvested his money in Lion Oak India Company with a hope to get fifty lakh rupees in return, a Duster Car and glasses worth rupees eight lakh.
Dr. Shah had gone Lion Oak India office to get his matured amount but instead he came back happily carrying a bond and receipt which mentioned that after three years, he will get fifty lakh, a Duster car and a costly gift worth rupees eight lakh.
Both Dr. Shah and Alok were happy after this deal.
The majestic office of Lion Oak India was located at Infinity Mall of Andheri area in Mumbai. The company and its office was not very old.
The company was launched only in the beginning of 2014. Lion Oak Company was a financial organization, which would receive money from investors and invest it is various schemes. The company had claimed to give 60 to 1500 per cent interest on the invested money which was really beyond anybody’s imagination. Not only this, the company was offering costly gifts like costly watches, Nano car, package of foreign trip and some lucky investors were being given 20 per cent return immediately from their invested amount.
These costly gifts tempted investors and they got attracted towards Lion Oak India Company. The company gave costly gifts to its investors however none of them got his invested money. When an investor would reach the company office to claim his matured amount, Alok would show him a dream world and wash his brain. In result that investor would reinvest his matured amount to get a huge rate of interest. The bottom line is that Lion Oak India would tempt investors and lured them to invest their money but after maturity period, none of the investors got matured amount in cash, instead the company official encouraged them to reinvest the money to get a triple amount. After taking the consent of investor the company would issue fresh bond and receipt.
There were a few investors of this company who wanted their matured amount back instead of reinvesting it. But employees of the company would make various excuses to keep them away.
Nonetheless, this situation could not last long because one of the investors became suspicious and reached Goregaon police station and filed an FIR (263/15) against the company.
The Senior Inspector of Goregaon police station, Ashok Khedekar took this matter seriously and passed on this information to his superiors, “Lion Oak India Company is misguiding its investors after receiving their money. These investors are not getting their matured amount back.”
The matter came into the knowledge of the Chief of Mumbai police crime branch, Dhananjay Kamlakar and DCP Dhananjay Kulkarni and they deputed a team of crime branch along with Goregaon police to investigate the matter. Both these officials were keeping an eye on the activities of this company.
Inspector Ashok Khedkar, Dinesh Doshi and Jagdish Kulkarni conducted the primary investigation of the matter. During the process it came to the surface that the FIR filed in Goregaon police station was genuine. Lion Oak India Company was involved in fraudulent activities and cheating people on pretext of giving them costly and double and triple money after the maturity.
The team also found out that the kingpin of the company in 25 years old Sukesh alias Alok Chandraswamy. He was residing in Imperial White Building located at Tilak Marg, Goregaon (W). He was in live-in-relationship with Sheena Honey Joseph, the actress of South Indian film. Sheena too was living with him like his wife.
On 29 May, 2015 Ashok Khedekar and his subordinates raided the Imperial White Building and took Alok and Sheena in custody. They were brought to Goregaon police station and interrogated. It came to the surface that they were cheating people in Mumbai not for the first time. Before this also they had done the same kind of forgery in Tamil Nadu. However, when their true color came to people’s knowledge, they fled and reached Delhi.
They were hatching a big plan to start their activities in Delhi but before they could do any such thing, police nabbed them. A sensation story of sex and cheating came to the surface after the arrest of Alok and Sheena. In this story there was a cheater Bunty and a hot beautiful Bubly whose glamour was spread all over the Bollywood.
27 years old Sheena’s father’s name was C.S. Joseph. He was native of Kerala. After completing a course of engineering he got a job in Dubai. So he along with his wife immigrated to Dubai.
Sheena Honey Joseph was born in Dubai. She got her education in Dubai itself. Then she got admission in a dental college located in the same city and got a BDS degree.
Only in 20 years of age, Sheena was a dentist. However she was not interested in joining a hospital or starting a private practice. In fact she got attracted towards glamour world.
Sheena was pretty and a lady of erotic figure. She was fluent in Arabic, English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malyalam. So she decided to enter the glamour world from her native place, South India.
When C.S. Joseph came to know that his dentist daughter wants to become an actress, he didn’t make any objection. He gave her enough money and made arrangement of her return to India.
Sheena boarded flight in Dubai and reached Chennai. She had done her homework in Dubai so that she could get a chance in film industry.
She knew that modeling is the gateway to film industry. So she started her efforts to become a model after reaching Chennai. She contacted lots of ad agency, gave her portfolio and conducted a photo shoot in Chennai.
Sheena was a fresh face. In India, people gave unnecessary weightage to foreigners. Sheena was although basically an Idnian, she was born and brought up in Dubai and was tagged as a foreigner so the owner of ad agencies and photographers got attracted towards her. Sheena got many advertisements. Those advertisements were both for magazines and visual media, like Television.
In film ‘Red Chillies’ Sheena was opposite actress to famous South Indian actor Mohanlal, while in ‘Kobra’. She was opposite to Mamooty. Apart from this, Another film of Sheena ‘Thousand in Goa’ was also released.
Although all the three movies of Sheena were successful still her identity could not be established outside South India. Sheena got recognition in the country after the film ‘Chennai Caffe’ in which John Abraham had played a lead role. In this film Sheena’s character was of a rebellion woman originally hailing from South India.
Sheena was fond of attending high-profile parties. She was of the view that these sorts of parties are the gateway to success because high profile celebrities attend these parties.
Till then the shooting of ‘Chennai Caffe’ had also started. It was the first ambitious silver screen project of Sheena. Her future was to a great extent depend on the success of this film. Therefore, she decided to give her best in this film. This was the reason that she shifted her base to Mumbai from Chennai.
One particular night, Sheena came into the contact of Sukesh alias Alok Chandraswamy alias Jayesh. They met in a five star hotel. Sukesh alias Alok introduced himself to Sheena as the grandson of Chief Minister Karunanidhi. He revealed to her, “I am a builder and have earned lots of money. Now I want to enter Bollywood. I am doing a film with Sajangopal Verma and we have signed Ajay Devgan as hero of that film.”
Sheena was pleased to know this because she was interested in meeting with this type of people in the high profile parties. Jayesh alias Alok kept on observing Sheena’s body from different angle and then said, “I have seen your movies ‘Kobra’ and ‘Red Chillies’. You are really an amazing actress. You are pretty too. Would you like to work opposite Ajay Devgan in this film?”
Sheena had no reason to refuse this proposal. She immediately accepted it. Actually she was bowled over by good looking, handsome royal and sexy Jayesh.
After this acceptance they started talking to each other over phone frequently. Sheena would also meet Jayesh in her leisure time. Jayesh would shower money on her with both hands. Sheena would call him Alok but he urged her to call him Jayesh because he liked to be called by this name only.
However, Jayesh neither introduced Sheena to Sajangopal Verma nor with Ajay Devgan. He was instead developing intimacy with her. He took Sheena to an imaginary world and she got lost in his wonderland. She didn’t care about her promising career and did not hesitate to develop a live-in-relationship with Jayesh.
Sheena started living with Jayesh alias Alok and very soon she came to know his reality. He was neither the grandson of DMK leader Karunanidhi nor a builder. He was a fraud. He would cheat people in the disguise of an IAS officer or sometime as big industrialist. He would befool people by promising them making their money double in short period. He was earning good money by these fraudulent activities and this was the reason that he was living a royal life.
Sheena came to know about some other activities of Jayesh alias Alok. In April 2013 Jayesh had duped Baiju, the owner of Emanuel Silk, a textile company located at Kochhi. He had taken 20 lakh rupees from him for inviting Katrina Kaif to inaugurate Baiju’s new showroom.
Baiju had given him this money and on the inauguration day, he kept on waiting for Katrina Kaif’s arrival but he had perhaps no idea that Jayesh had cheated him and lied to him. Finally, Baiju reported this matter to the nearest Kalsamri police station. But before police could reach there to nab Jayesh, he had fled to Chennai to play another game of forgery.
In Chennai, Jayesh opened a bogus firm in the name of Future Technique Pvt. Ltd. in Park Road, Anna Nagar, West Extension. He got approved a loan of 19 crores by taking into confidence the Chief Manager of Canara Bank V. Jagdeesh. The property which Jayesh had produced as security deposit were all proved fake during scrutiny. Eventually on 19th March, 2013 the Deputy Director General T.S. Nalashivam got an FIR registered against Jayesh. This FIR was registered as crime no. 64/13 under sections 406, 409, 420 of IPC. However police could not arrest Jayesh. Then on 7th April, Jayesh in the disguise of an IAS officer cheated Rs. 62,47,016 from Malik Chakravarti, the owner of Skylark Textile.
He had fooled Chakravarti on pretext of sanctioning a project and taken this money from him.
When Sheena heard all this forgeries incident committed by Jayesh, she became his admirer instead of going away from him. Atually she knew it that Jayesh was a sharp minded person and he could earn crores of rupees in a single day.
Sheena’s film were doing well. The shooting of ‘Chennai Caffe’ had ended. Even post-production work was over. Everybody was busy in the release of this film. It was expected that after the release of film the Bollywood life of Sheena would reach a new height but in the meantime, she came into contact with Jayesh and became his admirer. Her madness for Jayesh reached such a level that she got involved in his illegal activities.
Consequently on 6 May, 2013 a case of forgery was registered against Sheena in Chennai. This case had been registered as crime no. 24/13 under section 406, 409 and 420 of IPC. Sheena was charged with a cheating case of 75 lakh rupees. After all these crimes, Chennai police went after Alok alias Jayesh and Sheena. When both the accused could not find a way out they fled to Delhi. Alok alias Jayesh was fond of living a Royal life. He would earn crores of rupees by unfair means and spend open handedly.
After coming to Delhi he stayed in Fatehpur Beri area of South Delhi. Khari Farm House was located at Asaula village in this area.
Mohindra Singh is the owner of this farm house. Jayesh took that farm house on rent. The amount of rent was four lakh rupees per month. Apart from this, Jayesh appointed a number of bouncers for Sheena and his own security. Besides, he purchased a fleet of luxury cars and parked all of the vehicles in that farm house.
This fleet included Rolls Royce, Nissan, GTR, Astro Martin, Vintage, Hummer-2, Audi A4, Range Rover, Mitsubishi, BMW 530D and many Land Cruiser cars. He had installed red beacon and hooter in his Land Cruiser, the cost of all these cars were in crores.
Sheena and Jayesh alias Alok were feeling extremely secured after migrating to Delhi. On the other hand, Chennai police was looking for them desperately. Very soon Chennai police discovered it by the help of their reliable sources that Sheena and Jayesh were hiding in Delhi. Then Chennai police sought the assistance of Delhi police in nabbing the accused.
Delhi police officials handed over the responsibility of nabbing the accused to Anti-Terrorist Squad. Ateam comprising SI Balihar Singh, Constable Amit Kumar, Naresh Kumar and Ajay Tokas was formed to accomplish this task.
The police team had a believe that Sheena and Jayesh were in habit of living a royal life and so they must be living in a majestic mansion instead of living in five star hotel.
The ATS team tried to find out their hide out by enquiring various property dealers and finally on 12th May, 2013 they came to know that South Indian couple has taken a huge palatial Khari farm house on monthly rent of 4 lakh rupees. The police team started keeping an eye over the couple and found out that they were none other than Sheena Honey Joseph and Jayesh Reddy alias Sukesh alias Alok Chandraswamy.
After authenticating their identity Delhi police passed on the information to their Chennai counterparts, “Your suspects have been traced, so come to Delhi.” Chennai police reached Delhi on 27th May, 2013 to nab the accused. Then for further action a team comprising Inspector Vijay Kumar Salve, SI Mohammad Ismail and others was formed.
The same night the combined team of Delhi and Chennai police raided Khari farm house and first of all overpowered the bouncers. Then Sheena Honey Josephwas taken into custody. Jayesh alias Alok could not be traced. After completing the formality, Chennai police took Sheena to Chennai for further action.
Till the beginning of year 2014, Sheena was behind the bars. In the meantime, her ambitious film ‘Chennai Caffe’ was released but it didn’t do very well, as expected by Sheena. It was not a hit film. However, film analyst praised the lively acting of Sheena.
Sheena and Jayesh had already finalized their plan, so after getting bail from jail, they went to Mumbai.
In Mumbai, Jayesh introduced himself as Alok Chandraswamy. He took a flat in Imperial House Building located at Goregaon(W) on a monthly rent of Rs. 75,000 and started living there along with Sheena.
Here it is worth mentioning that Alok had taken this flat on rental basis in the name of his driver. Simultaneously he had launched a fake company Lion Oak India and started its office in Infinity Mall, located at Andheri. He appointed staff members which included many investment agents.
In this process, Jayesh came into the contact of Adil Hussain Jaipuri. They met each other in a Gymensium. Adil was grandson of renowned lyricist and poet Hasrat Jaipuri (now he is no more). Very soon, they became good friends.
With the passage of time, Alok tempted Adil of a huge amount as commission money if he arranged clients for him.
Adil then introduced him to his father fifty five years old Akhtar Hussain Jaipuri and another relative fifty years old Naseer Jaipuri. Alok very soon won their confidence.
Jaipuri family are well known name in the high profile society. They exploited the situation and motivated many wealthy people to invest in Lion Oak India Company. They appointed many agents at their level. Later on 28 years old Salman Rizvi too became a part of Lion Oak India Company.
It is worth mentioning here that Akhtar Hussain Jaipur and Adil Hussain Jaipuri live in Ghazal villa, located at Model Town society, Gulmohar Road, JVPD, Juhu.
Salman was resident of Carter Road, Bandra (West) and Naseer Mumtaj Jaipuri was residing at Meera Road, Thane. They all were generating investment for Lion Oak India Company through their agents while  getting huge commissions from Jayesh.
It is said that actress Rakhi Sawant also had made an investment of Rs. two and half crore in this fake company. Alok alias Jayesh’s prime purpose was to accumulate as much money as possible. He had no intention to give the investors money back. Because of this reason Mumbai police nabbed him along with his beloved Sheena on 29th May, 2015.
During investigation police came to know that like Delhi, they had kept a fleet of costly cars in Mumbai as well. Jayesh had deposited only ten percent cost of these cars and had taken them on instalments. However he had not given a single installments after getting the delivery of these cars. Police recovered costly cars from Sheena and Alok’s possession which were worth Rs. Six and half crores. Apart from this, watches worth rupees one crore, seventeen lakh, 12 mobile phones worth Rs. 37 lakh and 4 thousand and three and half lakh cash were also recovered by the police.
Alok also confessed that during last one year he had earned ten crores rupees by duping people in Mumbai.
On the basis of statement given by Sheena and Jayesh, police arrested Adil Hussain Jaipuri, Akhtar Hussain Jaipuri and Salman Rizvi on 1st June, 2015. Police found papers related to Lion Oak Company form their possession.
All the accused were charged by Economic Crime Branch of Mumbai police. A case as crime no. 33/15 was registered against them the case was registered under section 420, 120B of IPC, section 3, 4 of Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes Act 1978.
On 2nd June, all the accused were presented before the court and taken on two days police remand.
During interrogation in this period, the accused revealed to police that is the one year period they had duped about one thousand investors. By the help of the accused police recovered 400 important documents and more than 50 forms were also seized.
On 4th June, the accused were once again presented before the court and then sent to jail.
Till the completion of the story all the accused were in jail. It is heard that a film maker who wanted to make Sheena her heroine in a film is now planning a movie on her criminal history.
Poor Sheena, who was struggling to find a good role in Bollywood, ultimately herself became a sensational topic for films.