NIG Crime Files: Hot Flesh Trade of Lakhimpur

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What  exactly  is  the  reason  behind  getting  involved  in  the  first  trade  of  human  society  centuries  ago ?  Why  does  a  woman  opt  for  selling  her  honor?  Is  this  need  of  money,  compulsion  of  helplessness  or  uncontrolled  carnal  desire?

When an argument takes place between a husband and a wife, the wife always comes forward with familiar dialogue, “It was my bad luck that my parents chose you as my husband. It was only me who spent so many years with you; any other woman would have gone back to her parental place long back.”
Nagma was a woman of same nature. Despite spending two years at her in-laws’ house, she had still not accepted it as her own house. She would always say that my own house is where my parents live. My in-laws’ house cannot be mine because it belongs to my husband.
Nagma would always threaten her husband about going back to her parents’ place. Nagama’s threat was not hollow, she had proved it right many a time by going back to her parents’ house after arguments with her husband. Her husband would bring her back after apologizing to her and her parents. Nagma’s parents would always make her understand – ‘‘Leaving husband’s house frequently and coming back to parents’ house is not a good practice for a married woman. Before sending you to your in-laws’ house, we told you many a time that now your real home is your husband’s house and your in-laws’ family is your own family. Now, you have to live there in any condition.’’
But all her parents’ advices fell on deaf ear and Nagma continued her practice of coming back to her parents’ house after fighting with her husband.
One morning Nagma started arguing with her husband on a petty issue. A morning quarrel doesn’t end easily. The dispute between her and husband intensified and as usual, Nagma kept her clothes in a bag and got ready to go back to her parents’ house.
Her husband warned her, “Enough is enough, now I warn you that it will be your last adventure. You would never come back from your parental house if you go there this time.”
“Go to hell, I would never come back to your house at any cost this time.” Nagma spit on earth in anger and went out of the house. She didn’t look back and continued walking towards her destination. When she went out of sight, her husband talked to himself, ‘I swear by the name of God, you would never come back to this house in future. The door is closed for you forever.’
25 years old Nagma’s family was native of Akbarpur village under Tambaur police station of Sitapur district of U.P. However they shifted to Aziznagar colony under Madiaon police station of Lucknow city and now got settled here permanently.
About five years back, Nagma’s marriage was finalized with a young man, who was native of Nakha Bhadpur village of Lakhimpur district. Nagma’s husband was not a man of her dream. He was just opposite and this was the reason that she never accepted him as her husband. Her husband was aware of Nagma’s feelings so he was keeping an eye over her activities. But very soon he lost his patience and regular arguments and fights started taking place between husband and wife. Nagma would come to her parental place after every fight and explain the dements of her husband.
Nagma would do all this because she was of the view that her parents would take her side and would give us shelter. They would protect her and condemn her husband. She was even expecting her parents to search another boy for her.
But she was wrong, Nagma’s parents never supported her. They never showed her wrong path. They were of the opinion that a girl after her marriage should be loyal to her husband and her in-laws’. A married woman should not live at her parents’ house for long time.
But Nagma’s case was just opposite. She never considered her in-laws’ place as her own house. She would stay for a few days at her husband’s house and would come back to her parents. She after reaching her parents’ house, would shout madly, “You people have made my life a hell. Did you not find any other boy for me in this whole world? He is a cruel and wild person, he is not only ugly but also barbaric by nature. Now I would never-ever go back to that hell. I want to take divorce from him right now.”
Her parents would try to make her understand, “Dear daughter, taking divorce is not a joke. A person who even say this word, becomes a criminal in God’s sight, you should not speak any such word, which god never likes. He can punish you for your fault.”
But Nagma never paid heed to her parent’s advice as usual. She kept on fighting and coming back to her parent’s house. On that particular day, too she came to her parent’s house and repeated the same dialogue, “I don’t know why you people chose that butcher for me? I have had enough.  Nobody would now advise me about going back to my in-law’s house. I cannot go there to spend my life with a quarrelsome person. I want divorce from him.”
Her parents lost their temper. Her mother starred at her and said, “Nagma, it’s too much now. You have crossed all the limits. Now we cannot tolerate your haughty nature. You are pregnant and in this condition you left your husband’s house and came here. What are you doing? Not a single person would support you for this act. Even royal family cannot keep a married daughter  at their home forever and you want us to keep you at home? A married woman looks good at her husband’s house not at her parent’s home. If you want to secure the future of your child, who is about to come to this world, go back to your in-laws’ house at Lakhimpur.”
“I am not going anywhere,” Nagma spread her both legs and sat on the floor, “I would spend my remaining life her in this house.”
“Nagma, try to understand. You are not a burden for us. We can keep you here for the whole life, we can also fulfill all your needs but it will not be ethical. It would be an anti-social immoral and inhuman act.” Nagma’s father tried to teach her a moral lesson, “Do you want to insult your father in-front of the whole world? Or you want to bring a bad name for your mother? The entire world would curse your parents if you don’t do back to Lakhimpur.”
“Abbu, I told you just now that I would not go back and spend my life here only,” Nagma repeated the same words.
“If you would come here with your husband as a guest, we would welcome you warmly.” Nagma’s father got up fuming, “There is no space in my house for the woman who have come here after fighting with her husband.” Her father held her hand and made her stand at the feet, “Go back to your husband’s house, immediately and apologize for your fault.”
Nagma tried her level best to stay at her parent’s house but this time, her labor went in vain. She took her bag and left her parent’s house.
Nagma was unable to see her bad luck but her destiny was not favoring her this time.
Her parent’s house was closed for her forever. She was pretty sure that his in-laws’ would also never allow her inside their home. Since she was pregnant, she was not allowed to ask for divorce from her husband as per Islamic law. Nagma was walking towards an unknown destination and on the way, she decided to shape her future on her own terms. She thought that she would neither take any favor from her in-laws’ nor become burden for her parents rather, she would live her remaining life by earning her livelihood herself. Nagma was walking, lost in her thoughts. She passed through many ways and suddenly she realized that was close to Pipariya bypass.
Nagma decided to take a room on rent and live there. She was carrying some cash and jewelry, so she was not worried. She was in a position to spend a few months easily.
Nagma hired a room in a colony near bypass. It was a room having all the basic facilities. She told her landlord that her husband has dies in a road accident and her in-laws’ have thrown her out of their house. She has decided to live alone in a rented room because there was nobody in her parental house to take care of her.
Whenever Nagma fou ght with her husband she threw her bangles and other symbols of a married woman. When she was explaining her story to the landlord, there was not a single mark of a married woman on her body, so the landlord agreed to rent her his room on cheap rate considering her a poor widow.
Nagma had a few thousand rupees in her possession. She purchased some necessary household items and started working as maid in neighboring houses. She would get monthly salary for her work and satisfy her hunger by consuming the eatables which she got from those households, where she worked whole day.
Neither her in-laws’ nor her parents showed interest in searching for her. Nagma had made up her mind that she would neither go back to her husband’s house, nor visit her parents’ place in life. She was passing her life anyhow by working at some rich people’s houses.
With every passing day, Nagma’s foetus was growing. After a few months, she gave birth to a baby girl. Since Nagma had declared herself a helpless and widow, all the people in that colony had their sympathy with her.
During her delivery women of colony took care of mother and new born baby. They did this to help a poor woman like Nagma and earn some virtue. They were of the view that Nagma’s child would provide her strength to live her life with hope.
After giving birth to a girl child, Nagma was too happy but the duration of her happiness was not very long. Her child was not only weak but also ailing. Due to ill-health and weakness, that new born could not survive for long and died. Neighbors of Nagma performed the last rituals of that child. Nagma somehow passed the mourning days and after that started her routine life once again.
According to sexologists a woman’s sexual urges reach its height only on two occasions–first, when she sleeps with a man for the first time and second, when she gives birth to her first child.
Nagma’s first child died and Nagma’s body started showing signs of her strong sexual urge. She felt the need of a bed partner who could quench her sexual thirst. Nagma was not a characterless woman till date but when body demands sex, even a person of strong character becomes perverted and chooses wrong path. The demand of body made Nagma helpless and so she started looking for a competent man who could satisfy her sexual hunger.
Before Nagma could zeroed in on a man, Mohit started giving her green signal.
Mohit Shrivastva was residing in Piparia as well. He was a handsome and smart young man. Mohit was a Hindu and Nagma was a Muslim, but when it comes to the matter of sexual satisfaction, this religious differences become irrelevant. When Mohit showed his interest in Nagma, she also got attracted towards him. For  a few days they flashed smile after looking at each other but very soon, this exchange of smile converted into friendship and they started talking frequently to each other.
During the conversation, one day Mohit expressed his feelings, “Nagma, I love you.”
“Even I love you, Mohit, but I am scared of taking it to next level,” Nagma’s fear came out of her lips.
Mohit looked into Nagma’s deep eyes and asked, “What kind of fear are you talking about?”
“I don’t know what will be the result of our love story,” Nagma expressed her doubts.
Mohit laughed and replied, “Lovers never care for the result.”
“You are right but it happens when both boy and girl are equal to each other. In our case, you are unmarried young man and I am a widow,” Nagma clarified.
“You are a widow in people’s eyes, but a beautiful, sexy and attractive woman like you can never spend the life of a widow.” Mohit looked around and touched Nagma’s thighs and continued, “The body of a pretty woman starts blooming whenever a man touches her and this is natural quality of a young woman’s body.”
Nagma heard Mohit words and started blushing. Then she made some distance from Mohit so that he could not touch her once again.
Mohit’s smile broadened, “This very style of a woman like you makes a man crazy.”
Nagma’s face turned red.
Mohit spoke gently, “I would come after 11 p.m. keep the door of your room open.”
Nagma’s body felt a strange sensation. She was intelligent enough to understand what it means, when a young man wants to visit a young woman in the midnight.
Nagma was waiting for that moment, when someone would come to her room and quench her sexual thirst in bed. Therefore, she flashed a smile and nodded. Then both the lovers went to their respective path.
After the darkness, Nagma took  bath, wore complete make-up and arranged her bed. Then she started waiting for Mohit’s arrival.
Around 11.30 p.m. Mohit arrived. He pushed the door and entered the room. He closed the door and Nagma’s window of wishes opened widely. Mohit held Nagma’s face between his palms and praised her beauty. Then his hand started sliding all around Nagma’s body. Nagma started losing her senses. Mohit’s hand touched her thighs and then slided under her abdomen area. Nagma caught his hand and whispered, “First, promise me, that you would maintain this relationship, throughout the life.”
Mohit kissed her lips and moved his hand around Nagma’s thigh. Then he replied, “I swear by your names, that I would keep you close to me throughout the life,” Nagma became happy and tightened her grip around Mohit’s body.
Mohit picked her up and spread on bed. Both the hungry lovers were breathing fast, they removed clothes and then after a few minutes, Nagma turned a newly-wed bride from a widow. Mohit first won Nagma’s heart and then her body. Nagma became crazy for Mohit and started trusting him blindly. Nagma kept on following his orders day and night. This blind faith of Nagma sent her to such a place, where a woman’s body becomes a toy in the hands of not one but countless men.
Shiv colony is a settlement under the Sadar police station of Lakhimpur (U.P.). Ramdayal (changed name) a resident of this colony met with CO City, Awnishwar Shrivastava and explained, “A woman whose name is Kamla, lives in colony along with her husband Mahesh Shrivastava. Her house is a hideout of call girls, whores and women who are involved in flesh trade. Their customers also pay regular visit to that house. Kamla runs a sex racket from her house and also supplies call girls on demand. Kamla has polluted the social environment of the colony.”
Awnishwar Shrivastava assured Ramdayal that if his information is authentic, a proper legal action would be taken against Kamla and her sex racket.
After Ramdayal’s departure, Awnishwar Shrivastava called Sadar, Inspector Prabal Pratap Singh in his office and passed on this information to him, “Mr. Singh, just see what is happening in your area. Investigate the matter and take appropriate action, if this information is authentic.”
Prabal Pratap Singh sought the help of police information and found that the information given by Ramdayal was authentic. He immediately conveyed this news to Awnishwar Shrivastava. On the instructions of Awnishwar Shrivastava a police team was formed to raid the premises, where the flesh trade was taking place.
This team was comprised of Sub Inspectors, Anil Kumar Singh, Santosh Singh, Janardan Pratap Singh, Constables, Pradeep Kumar, Tej Bahadur Giri, Dharmdas, Lady Constables Renu Singh, Bhavna Tiwari and Sub-Inspector Amrawati, Geeta Yadav and Sharda Bhadauria from women’s police station.
The same day on 5 October, 2014 around 11.30 p.m. the police team reached Shiv colony. The team members stayed at a safe distance from the house-on-target. Then two constables in plain clothes were given two five hundred signed currency notes and sent to Kamla’s house. The signatures were not visible by naked eyes.
They introduced themselves as customers. They told Kamla that they are Rajkumar Gupta and Ramesh Singh. They are businessman from Sitapur and since they could not recover their money, they had to stay in Lakhimpur tonight. They have come to enjoy some good time.”
Kamla was trapped in their false story but spoke in an apologetic manner, “I would definitely have given you a chance to spend quality time with girls but I am sorry to say that all the available girls are engaged at this moment. Some of them are out with customers and the remaining girls are ‘serving’ their customer in their rooms. If you come tomorrow, I promise you that I would make your night colorful.”
“No problem, we would come tomorrow. Rajkumar Gupta handed over the two notes of five hundred rupees to Kamla. These notes were micro-signed by Prabal Pratap Singh when Kamla accepted the notes, Gupta said, “This is one thousand rupees as advance. We would give you remaining money tomorrow.”
Kamla stuffed those notes inside her bra happily and replied with a smile, “I would wait for you tomorrow.”
Both the decoy customers came out of Kamla’s house. Kamla closed the door behind them.
Rajkumar and Ramesh straightaway reached the place where the police team was waiting for them. When Prabal Pratap Singh came to know through them that flesh trade is going on inside the house, he reached the entrance of the house along with the entire team.
He knocked at the door. Kamla thought that a customer is knocking at the door so she opened the door. When she saw policemen standing at the door, she became motionless and dumb.
Lady Inspector, Amravati immediately took her in custody. Kamla’s husband, Mahesh Shrivastava also came behind her and was arrested.
Then police team searched the entire house. They caught Nagma and Mohit from the first room and five call girls and three customers were caught from the other five rooms. One of the customers fled from the scene. The call girls who were caught by the police, were–Manda, Shradha, Mahjabeen, Nazneen and Soma.
All the accused were brought to Sadar police station and interrogated. After interrogation, the remaining story of Nagma spoilt life came to the surface.
Actually it so happened that Nagma, very soon came to know the reality of Mohit. She became aware of the fact that her lover and admirer, Mohit is not a bachelor but a married man. Nagma also came to know that Mohit was a pimp. He was working for the sex racketeer Kamla. Not only this, even his wife, Soma was one of the fish of the dirty pond.
After knowing the reality of Mohit, Nagma became shocked, however she could not come out of Mohit’s obsession. Mohit on the other hand, was not only providing her sexual satisfaction but also showering money over her. Nagma had a misconception, that Mohit was doing all this because he loves her; but in reality Mohit never loved her. He wanted to drag her into flesh trade. He was showering money over her only as a future investment because he had a plan to earn thousands of rupees through Nagma’s body.
In the meantime, Nagma demanded five thousand rupees from Mohit to buy fashionable clothes. Mohit realized that now this is the time to get back all the money which he has invested in Nagma. So he flashed a smile and said, “There is no need to ask money from me. You can earn not five but forty thousand rupees in one go. But one thing you must keep in your mind, that profit will be divided between you and me in equal proportion. Twenty thousand each will be our share, because the entire setting is been done by me only.”
“Forty thousand rupees in one go! What are you talking? What kind of work you want me to do?” Nagma asked with her eyes wide-opened.
A middle aged widower lives in Pisawa police station of Sitapur. He, despite all his efforts, has so far failed to find a wife for himself due to social rules and regulations. Now he wants to start his family by purchasing a wife for himself.
“You mean to say th7 at I should sell my body and soul to a middle aged widower only for twenty thousand rupees?” Nagma asked in a harsh tone.
“Come on, you don’t have to spend your life with him. After spending a couple of days in his house you have to come out of his clutches,” Mohit suggested.
“But what would happen, if he reaches my house searching for me?”
“To hell with that stupid, why should we tell him our true address? We would give him a false address of our residence,” Mohit gave a solution.
“I accept your point but he would crush my body every day after consuming heavy liquor,” Nagma expressed her fear.
Mohit put her hand on Nagma’s thigh and flashed a mysterious smile, “A woman’s body never becomes old and she never turns a widow. She never feels tired and she never becomes stale. She gets ready every time when her admirer comes to bed and invites her for sex. You would also enjoy his company in bed. Let him enjoy his life too.”
Twenty thousand rupees was a good amount, so Nagma agreed to marry that widower for a few days. Mohit took her to Sitapur. He told Nagma and that middle aged widower to exchange garlands. They did the same and their marriage was solemnized.
Then Mohit took forty thousand rupees from that man. He shared that money with Nagma in equal proportion and went back with twenty thousand rupees.
Nagma spent twenty days with that man like a devoted wife, then one day she got an opportunity to get out his house. She fled and reached Mohit’s house straightaway.
But that middle aged man didn’t give up easily. Contrary to Mohit and Nagma’s view, he went to Kotwali police station, Sitapur and got a complaint registered. He told police about the forgery of Mohit and Nagma.
Mohit, Nagma and Soma all the three left their home and took shelter in Kamla’s house to save themselves from police. Kamla’s house was located at Shiv colony in Lakhimpur.
Nagma, till now, was no longer a pure woman so she jumped into flesh trade willingly.
During enquiry it came to the surface that Mahesh Shrivastav, the husband of Kamla was a barber by profession. He was earning good amount of money but because of his drug addiction, Kamla was living a difficult life.
Kamla had a friend, whose name was Jaya. She would sell her body but secretly. When one day, Kamla narrated her miserable story, she advised her to accept the flesh trade and earn good amount of money.
Kamla started selling her body and earning money. Her husband very soon discovered the source of her income. But he was not bothered because now there was no scarcity of money in his house. Initially he supported his wife’s profession indirectly but later he himself got involved and started bringing customers for her. To earn more and more money, Kamla started a sex racket. Kamla and Mahesh had a son, whose name was Puneet. Right from his childhood, he has been watching his mother’s involvement in flesh trade and his father’s support to his mother so when he grew young, he also got involved in his parents’ trade.
Manda and Shradha were the daughter of a truck driver and residing near Piparia bypass. They had accepted this filthy profession only to fulfill their costly hobbies. Initially the elder sister, Manda started this profession and when her younger sister Shradha saw plenty of money in her elder sister’s hand. She also joined flesh trade. 17 years old Shradha was student of Intermediate. She would sell her body in night and go to college in day time.
Mahjabeen and Najneen too, were real sisters. They were residing in Shiv colony along with their family members. Mahjabeen was married at Hargaon, Sitapur. She was not happy with her husband. Ambitious and pretty Najneen was misguided by Kamla and consequently, she joined her sex racket. Najneen started leading a luxurious life by selling her body. Mahjabeen also left her in-laws’ house and came back to her parental place. She also followed her sister’s footstep and plunged into flesh trade.
The three customers caught by police were–Tanyay, R/o Vijaynagar, Lakhimpur, Maikulal, R/o Ramkot, Sitapur and Puneet Shrivastava. This Puneet was son of Kamla and Mahesh.
After the formal enquiry, police registered a case against all the accused under sections 3, 4, 5 of Immoral Flesh Trade Eradication Act, 1956 and section 370A(1), 370A(2) of IPC.
On 6 October all the accused were presented before the court by the police and then shifted to jail.


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