NIG Crime Files: Yavanika Murder of Durgapur

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In case of the only scion of a family, what usually happens is  the parents try to celebrate each and every happiness related to his or her life. These are the only big or small reasons of happiness in today’s life full of rush and strains.
Yavanika was also the only descendant of Sanyukta Rani and Vinod Kumar. This is why Sanyukta Rani and Vinod Kumar always wanted to to keep her happy all the time. This is how they used to keep looking for happiness in her happiness.
It was the 2nd of December, which was the twenty-eighth birthday of Yavanika. Yavanika was not that excited about her birthday as her parents were. They had started planning for her birthday many days prior to the date. For example, on the second of December after taking bath all three members of the family will go to the temple. There they will pray for the long life of Yavanika. There they will pray for the long life of Yavanika. The devotees visiting the temple would be distributed sweets and alms would be given to the beggars sitting outside the temple. In the evening the birthday bash will be thrown at home. The cake will be cut. The visitors will be entertained with snacks, etc.
On the night of the first of December also the three members kept discussing about Yavanika’s birthday. They kept telling to Yavanika how they had celebrated her first and the second birthday.
At eleven pm all the three retired to bed with the same thought that they have to get up early in the morning .
In the morning Vinod Kumar woke but not by himself but by the ring of his mobile phone.
Rubbing eyes Vinod Kumar looked at the screen of the mobile phone then he learnt it was a call from his in-laws’ house. Actually Vinod Kumar’s aged mother in law Vandita  Chandra was not well for so long. This early morning phone made him think that perhaps his mother in law’s health has been deteriorated. This is why they have called him to inform.
Vinod Kumar attended the call and then he had to hear the sad news.
Vandita  Chandra had passed away. The Yavanika’s birth day plan was spoiled now fully.
Vinod woke up Sanyukta and told her – ‘Your mom is no more!’. She started crying bitterly, hearing her mom cry, Yavanika also woke up. She also shed few tears remembering her Naani.
That fine morning the three of them got up and got ready in hurry. Yavanika made her parents sit on her scooty JH 05 BQ 6357 and reached to her grandma’s house.
Seeing Sanyukta, the ladies of the family started crying again. Sanyukta also began crying with them.
Once all the relatives from Durgapur  gathered there, then every one started to take the coffin to the crematorium. The coffin was also prepared for the last rites.
During this Vinod Kumar noted that Yavanika was frequently looking at her wrist watch. The body language clearly was suggesting her impatience. Therefore he reached closed to Yavanika. He asked, ‘What’s it Tavanika? You are looking at your watch and look little bothered also. Is everything alright?’
‘Papa, there is an urgent surgery to be done, and my presence is a must in there’.
‘You go to the hospital, do your duty’.
‘But papa, the coffin is still at home..’
‘The coffin would be taken to the crematorium after some time. The ladies and girls are not allowed there and at home there is nothing for you to do either..’ Vinod Kumar consoled her, ‘You assist the doctor in the surgery wholeheartedly. If the surgery comes out to be a success then it would be a true tribute from you to Naani.’
‘Are you sure, nobody would mind my leaving ?’
‘Everybody is grief-stricken, nobody has no idea about anyone.’ Vinod Kumar consoled her, ‘Even then if someone asks about you, I will answer. You rest assured, go to the hospital’
Yavanika reached to her scooty on the road. Sat on its back and left from the Nanihaal (grandma’s house).
Vinod Kumar had gone to the road to see her off, but he had no idea that he was seeing her alive for the last time, now he will have to see her dead only.
After the last rites of Sadamani Chandra, Vinod and Sanyukta stayed there at their place for some time and then came back home catching an autorikshaw in the evening.
One key-set was always with Yavanika. When they found the door closed, they could figure out Yavanika was not back yet.
To see how she is and also to tell her that they are home now, Sanyukta called her but there was the answering machine telling her that the phone is switched off.
Sanyukta and Vinod did not take it otherwise since they knew that when she is in the operation theatre she always keeps her mobile phone switched off or on the silent mode, so that the ring does not distract her attention.
Yavanika did not turn up till nine o’clock in the evening and her phone also kept switched off, then Vinod Kumar got worried. Operation does not go on for so long, where is Yavanika?
To get to know about her, he called the hospital manager, Mr Amitabh Chatterjee in the hospital. The manager’s reply was so bewildering for him – ‘ Yavanika Kumari is on leave for three days from today on. This is why there is no chance of her being in the hospital.’
Vinod told this to Sanyukta, then she said, ‘after hearing about the demise of her grandma, she would have called up the hospital and taken three days leave also. But realizing her duty compulsion she might have gone back to the hospital. Chatterji sahib may not be knowing this, this is why he is saying so -You enquire in the hospital.’
This time Vinod Kumaar called up in the hospital but came to know that Yavanika did not reach to the hospital today.
Yavanika went to the hospital from Naani’s house through her scooty, but did not reach to the hospital, got vanished somewhere in between. It was a matter of grave concern for Sanyukta and Vinod.
Vinod Kumar decided to go out in search of her instead of sitting at home enquiring.
Every-possible-where she could have been, Vinod Kumar went to – and enquired about her. But he got no clue about her from nowhere.
Now Vinod Kumar’s heart beat got faster- there must be something wrong with Yavanika. This is why he thought of going to the police.
Vinod Kumar lived in Durgapur  (West Bengal). He got retired working with Tata Steel.
In his family he had his wife Sanyukta Rani along with the only daughter Yavanika..
Yavanika was an intelligent girl from her childhood apart from being beautiful, brainy, good at studies and also ambitious. She wanted to do something in her life which could build her own identity, people do not know her with someone else’s name.
 Yavanika knew that this is only possible through studies. Therefore after finishing her school education she did her B. Farma from Mango. After this she did MBA from a institute of Durgapur. With this she also did her nursing course too.
After finishing her chosen studies, she got busy in searching for a job then Vinod and Sanyukta thought of getting her married. Yavanika also came to know about their wish, she refused to get married now. I will also get your wish of my marriage fulfilled but not now. The hard work I put in along with your money in my studies for getting the degrees, I want its return. I will be obliged if you stop thinking about my marriage now.’
Keeping her wish the parents stopped thinking about Yavanika’s marriage’.
Yavanika started searching for her job and got succeeded too. She joined BM Birla Hospital, Kolkata as a Staff Nurse.
It was a reputed hospital and there were many other facilities apart from a handsome salary. Still she did not stay there for so long. Actually she wanted to go for a high jump and for a high jump the alluring of stability had to be ignored.
Yavanika kept looking for a new job while working in BM Birla Hospital. She got the response of her efforts. She got new appointment in ELS Hospital with a high salary and better facilities.
Yavanika worked in that hospital for around four years then again she got disillusioned with the place. She resigned and came back to her home town Durgapur  from Kolkata.
Yavanika did not sit idle for so long in Durgapur  also. She soon got a job in Meridian Hospital of Durgapur . Keeping in view her degrees and experience, she was appointed as surgery theatre chief. On the 1st of September 2016 she joined her new service here.
Yavanika‘s return to Durgapur  was a very happy news for Vinod and Sanyukta. In Durgapur itself she had gotten her new job, this was an impeccable delight for her. The daughter does not have  problem in reaching to her hospital, Vinod Kumar gifted her a green coloured scooty.
Yavanika used to go to the hospital through the scooty only.
It was twenty seventh birthday of Yavanika on the 2nd of December. The same day unfortunately her grandmother passed away. Seeing her grandma for the last time she went to the hospital and got lost on the way.
After searching for a long  time when Vinod Kumar could not get any clue, he decided to go to the nearest police   station for lodging an FIR. He had never gone to any police station in his life, this is why he called his brother in law home and apprised him of his wish. Both of them then reached to the Bishnupur police station.
The Station Officer present in the police station heard Vinod Kumar’s problem. He then told him, ‘Vinod ji, my sympathies are with you. Since it is a case of Kasma Thana, I cannot help you, kindly go to the Kasma Thana and get your report lodged there’.
By that time it was 3 o’clock in the morning, this is why Vinod Kumar decided to go to the Kasma Thana. Both of them went back from thana Bishnupur.
Reaching home Vinod Kumar lied down for sometime to take rest, he fell asleep.
On the third of December at 5 o’clock in the morning his phone rang waking Vinod Kumar up. He could hear his heart beating louder. What’s it, who is calling so early in the morning?
He looked at the screen, there was Arnab Mukherji’s name in the display.
Vinod Kumar received the call, ‘Yes, Mukherji sahib, any news about my daughter?’
yes, but I hope what the police is saying is wrong’
After this Mr Mukherji said that the Thana Nagbehda police has recovered a young woman’s dead body in a closed suitcase. There was also an ID of Meridian Hospital along with the ATM card found along with the dead body which shows the dead body belongs to Yavanika Kumari. The police has kept the dead body in the MGM Medical college’s mortuary. You guys go there to see the dead body.  God forbid that it is not Yavanika’s dead body.’
That information made a big hue and cry at Vinod Kumar’s house. Husband and wife both started crying bitterly and started remembering the dead person – Oh, my daughter, who did this to you, he will be burnt in hell, he will die a dog’s death..’
Hearing them cry the neighbors came out of their houses. Knowing the reality they also got ready with Vinod Kumar to go to the medical college.
Arnab Mukherji had also informed the Thana Incharge of Nagbehda police station that the family members of Yavanika are going to identify the dead body. This is why the police team was already there in the medical college.
It was Yavanika’s dead body only.
Somebody had killed her strangling her so brutally.
After identification of the body Vinod Kumar met Inspector Ramesh Kundu and thus came to know about how the dead body of Yavanika got discovered.
Last night at around eight thirty some people found a un escorted trolley bag at Ratna Nagar Railway station’s parking.
Since, now a days unescorted things have been sometimes found carrying bombs and people have died out of the explosions also. Therefore wise people now neither go close to such unescorted things nor they let others go close to them. They also send people close to them away. This doubt always looms large in the minds of people that these things may explode any time.
Some people saw the trolley bag lying there, they first send the people close to the bag away and then informed the police.
After receiving the information the Thana Incharge Ramesh Kundu along with SI Akhilesh Nandan, Govind Singh, Rajkumar Thapa along with some constables reached to the parking area of Tatanagar Railway Station. They really found a blue bag lying down in the bushes there unescorted.
Volunteers had already kept people away, this is why the police did not have to make much effort to control the situation.
After some time SP City (crime), Aant Anand and SSP Varun Mahadevan also reached to the Railway Station. The bomb disposal squad was also accompanying him.
The possibility of explosive was bigger than any other thing in the bag. This is why bomb disposal squad carefully examined the bag. Their machines did not hinted at all about being any kind of explosive inside it. Then the policemen opened the bag carefully.
There was a dead body of a woman in there.
Needless to say, this was a murder case. After murdering the woman her body was thrown kept in the bag here.
The police took out the body and examined it very minutely. There were strangling marks around the neck of the woman and the skin was also scratched around the neck area.
There was a ladies bag also in the suitcase. After searching the bag Aadhar card, ATM card and the ID of Meridian Hospital were found out of that. All these things identified the woman as Yavanika Kumari. Not all the action could be taken there so the police sent the dead body in the MGM  Medical college to be kept safe there in the morgue.
Though the Aadhar card had identified the dead woman but this was not enough to fulfil the government formality. Someone known to the woman needed to confirm her identity. this is why Ramesh Kundu checked the things discovered from the bag. He got the hospital’s number from the ID of the woman. He called up the number and talked to Arnab Mukherji. Mukherji accepted that Yavanika was the OT Head in his hospital.
After talking to Ramesh Kundu, Mukherji called up Vinod Kumar. Vinod Kumar identified the dead body properly reaching to the medical college. After that on the basis of the statements of Vinod Kumar, the case was registered as case number 193/17 under sections of 302, 201 of the CrPC. The investigation of the case was kept in his own hands by the TI, Ramesh Kundu.
There were many questions before Ramesh Kundu. The first one was this that the grandma of Yavanika had died on 2nd of December in the morning whereas Arnab Mukherji said that Yavanika had already taken a three days off on the first of December of itself. This holyday was also not related to her birthday on the 2nd of December either. The way Vinod Kumar and Sanyukta Rani had planned her birthday, made the schedule that did not have any room for taking off. Now the question was this why had she taken a three day off ?
The interrogation Ramesh did with Vinod Kumar also included the questions of love affair of Yavanika. Vinod Kumar said, ‘My daughter was not a stray or street girl. She was nurturing the ambition of establishing her in life till the mark of her satisfaction level. This is why she was not even agreeing to getting married. Any affair of hers with some was beyond imagination.’
Ramesh Kundu’s heart was  not agreeing to agree with that. His mind was busy pondering over something else.
Yavanika was a beautiful, audacious, working and bold lady. Her age was also thirty years. Even in this age if she does not get allured, her soul does not get desire of loving someone was next to impossible. Let us just suppose Yavanika did not have any affair with any one, still there must be someone who must be loving her crazily. There was something otherwise this murder would not have taken place. If love does not get responded with love, then some crazy people opt for such extreme measures.
Ramesh Kundu used to think when a person spends time with some people then they had far more information about that person other than others. As far as the family members are concerned, they always bear this misconception that there ward is very clean. This is why Ramesh Kundu thought that he would sure get some clue from Meridian Hospital only. This is why he reached to the hospital with his team.
Ramesh Kundu did interrogation with many people including Arnab Mukherji, but no one seems to have any idea about Yavanika’s personal life. These people only said this that she was very serious about her work. She was jolly and amicable person.  She knew the art of respecting others and getting respect from others as well.
Ramesh Kundu did not come there to hear the good things about Yavanika but he was there to find a clue related to her. This is why without getting disappointed he kept carrying on his probe in the hospital. He was of this belief that there must be someone who must be knowing something which could be of help for his investigation.
His belief seems to be coming true when he included a hospital staff K Rajesh in the investigation. What Rajesh said did not only help the investigation get its direction but also the law’s hands could reach to the collars of the killer.
It was 1st of December, 2017, Dr Rakesh was on duty with Yavanika. Since it was evening so both of them were sitting relaxed talking to each other. Suddenly there was a call on Yavanika’s mobile phone.
When Yavanika looked at the number on the display she seemed a little worried. She neither rejected the call nor accepted it. The call got cut by itself after some rings in thirty seconds.
Seemed as if Yavanika breathed sigh of relief.
After ten minutes the phone rang again. When Yavanika looked at the screen she got more tensed.
This time also  Yavanika let the phone ring.
When the ring stopped in thirty seconds then Dr Rakesh asked , ‘Who was this person you did not wish to talk to?’
‘It is Dr Rafiq, I got introduced with in Kolkata’
‘if it is Dr Rafiq calling, then why don’t you talk?’
‘Rajesh ji, he is more of a pain in the head than a doctor. This is why I am not receiving the call,’
Phone again started to ring.
This time after three to four rings Yavanika did attend the call. The conversation between the two made it clear to Rajesh that Dr Rafiq was in Durgapur  itself and was staying in the Room No. 201 of Hotel Paris.
Dr Rafiq wished that Yavanika come to meet him in the hotel and as long as he was in Durgapur, she stay there with him. Yavanika was trying to avoid him making excuses of her business but he was insisting on and on. Finally what was decided between both of them, was something Rajesh was not aware of.
Out of the detail told by Dr Rakesh, Ramesh Kundu could figure out that due to the old relationship Yavanika would have agreed to accompanying him under the pressure of Dr Rafiq. This is why she had also taken a three day off from the hospital.
The plan of the birthday celebration and giving company to Dr Rafiq got spoiled when in the morning of 2nd of December Vandita Chandra passed away.
Ramesh Kundu apprised his superiors of this vital information and reached to Hotel Paris.
Hotel Paris was a five star hotel in the Bishtupur area.
Ramesh Kundu did not expect Dr Rafiq to be there in the hotel. He thought he would have returned to Kolkata vacating room number 201.
But to his delight Dr Rafiq was found in his room only. Out of his situation he seemed to be not normal. Ramesh Kundu took him in custody and brought him to the Bagbehda police station for the interrogation.
In the police station Dr Rafiq had to go through the intense procedure of interrogation and within a few hours the mystery of the dead body in the closed suitcase got solved.
The complete name of the doctor was Rafeeq Ul Rafiq. He was an MBBS and working in Chanakya Hospital of Kolkata. His monthly salary was Rs 75 thousand per month.
It is but natural that people from same profession get introduced to each other. They met and got introduced to each other in a function.
Rafiq looked at Yavanika and Yavanika looked at Rafiq. It just took only a moment to reach in each other’s hearts through the eyes.
Both of them were young, both of them were unmarried, they had desires in their hearts. When two hearts full of desires meet, this is what happens.
The delicate thought touched their hearts, then both of them exchanged their phone numbers. After that both of them started talking to each other on phone.
Yavanika was among those young ladies for who the barriers of religion, caste or creed did not matter. For her only this much was sufficient that Rafiq was a handsome young man who earned Rs 75 thousand per month. The biggest thing was this that he had a loving heart in his bosom which was falling for her.
Yavanika used to imagine about such a lover who was successful in his life also along with being handsome. She found all these qualities in Rafiq then she also started falling for him.
Both sides were having the feelings of love and were so keen on expressing to each other as well.
Along with talking on phone now both of them also started meeting each other during their free times.
They went to Victoria Memorial also during their weekly off together. They saw some couples busy in their cozy love talks. Seeing them Rafiq’s silent love also got energised and he like traditional lovers, held Yavanika’s hands and said looking into her eyes – ‘I love you!’
Yavanika was for so long waiting two hear these magical love words. She immediately seconded it showing her feelings – ‘ I love you too!’
Now the silent love got a new language. The love got bigger and brighter also. Both of them desired to meet more often. During the next meetings Yavanika and Rafiq started coming closed. And one day they crossed all the gaps between them.  Now there was no curtain between them neither was there any distance.
Rafiq had given her a new name – Yavni. He used to address her with this name always. He used to say –‘your are my heart, the Yavni of my soul. This is why I have given you the name – Yavni.’
The craze of love was crossing all borders.
Situation was such that Yavanika and Rafiq would have gotten married to each other. But both of them were not making any haste. Both of them thought they met each other due to their hearts, to maintain a love relationship, marriage was not necessary. As far as the question of replying to the peoples’ question is concerned, they would get married when it will be right time.
Everything was going on well but suddenly one day Rafiq’s play boy game got unmasked. And from that day on the dire turns started coming into their life.
Yavanika came to know that she was not the only one in Rafiq’s life. There have been many ladies in his life. He was still in relationship with three to four ladies. Every  new lady coming into his life gets assurance of marriage from his side, but he never got married to any of them. Without marrying he made all the relationship of post-marriage with the women and once he felt he was no more interested in the lady, he used to dump her.
Yavanika used to love him from the core of her heart. She was also dreaming about marrying him.
After coming to know about his play boy face, all the love dreams of hers for him got butchered. She felt expecting loyalty from Rafiq is useless, though Rafiq never had hinted her anything of this kind through his gestures that he would be disloyal to her like all other girlfriends of his. But Yavanika was sure that the fake lovers of Rafiq’s kind are never loyal to anyone.
After the unmasking of her lover, now Yavanika was not only disillusioned with him but also with Kolkata city. Her parents were also needing her. Yavanika was also not able to take care of her parents by doing frequent up-down to Durgapur . This is why she finally decided to get back to Durgapur forever.
Yavanika did not let Rafiq know this and bid adieu to Kolkata. This was in the month of August, 2016.
Sanyukta and Vinod Kumar were very happy that now their daughter will live with them.
On the 1st of  September 2016 Yavanika joined Meridian Hospital also as the OT Chief. She also changed her mobile number so that Rafiq could not contact her.
Living in Durgapur Yavanika kept trying to forget her past memories. The memories were also got dimmed with the dust of time on them but they did not vanish for good.
Almost fifteen months thus passed away. On the 1st December 2017 Yavanika was shocked when she saw Rafiq’s call on her mobile.
She talked to Rafiq in front of Dr Rakesh but also she talked to him later in the day. Rafiq was almost crying telling her that –‘Why did you get lost in the rush of this world, Yavni? You cannot imagine what I have done in order to find you..’
Then Rafiq told her that in the beginning he kept looking for her in Kolkata. There was no single hospital left in Kolkata where he did not find her. Despite of knowing this that the number is no more functioning he kept trying her number time and again.
In the month of October 2017 Yavanika came to know that Yavanika belonged to Durgapur  and had left for the same city. This is why he came to Durgapur  on  belonged to Durgapur  and had left for the same city. This is why he came to Durgapur  on 31st of October and stayed in the room number 201 of Paris Hotel.
Rafiq knew that Yavanika was a nurse so she would be working in some hospital or nursing home only. On this belief only he kept trying in the hospitals of Durgapur  and suddenly found a nurse who gave Yavanika’s number and also told him that Yavanika was the OT Head in the Meridian Hospital.
Rafiq called Yavanika on the 1st of December. He wanted Yavanika to come back under the cool shade of his love again. Rafiq also tried to make her believe that – ‘No matter how I have been with other ladies, but I have always been loyal to you. I have come to Durgapur in the quest of you. What could be a bigger proof of my love for you than this!’
Yavanika had already made up her mind not to marry Rafiq. She quit Kolkata just to get rid of him. And now she did not want to give a re-think on her decision.
 Then Yavanika also thought Rafiq had come 252 km from Kolkata to here just to meet her, therefore he will not leave her without meeting her. So on the insistence of Rafiq she okayed to meeting him. Yavanika thought in the next two-three days she will persuade him for the breakup.
This is where Yavanika made the blunder.
Yavanika did not want her parents to come to know anything about her relationship with Rafiq. This is why she had taken a three days off on the 1st of December itself. She could meet Rafiq with the excuse of going to the hospital.
But the program got spoiled when in the morning of 2nd of December Yavanika’s grandma died.
Yavanika was in her grandma’s place, then there she was having Rafiq’s call on her mobile –‘Come me your lovely face..I am dying to see you..’
Yavanika made excuse of going to the hospital and reached to the room number 201 of Paris Hotel.
The moment she entered into the room Rafiq held her in his arms and jumped on the bed. He was kissing her forehead, eyelids, lips, etc. Yavanika forcefully got herself separated from his arms, -‘Are you insane ? My grandma just died. She has not been cremated yet. I have come here crying on her dead body, and you are trying to seduce me? You should be ashamed of yourself!’
‘Your grandma has died today only, but I have been dying to meet you for last fifteen months. You are worried about your grandma, you do not give a damn to your lover?’
‘Let the lover go to hell and the love also go to hell!’ Yavanika again pushed him away saying –‘I have forgotten you, and you also forget me’
Rafiq was truly in love with her. It was not possible for him to forget his ‘Yavni’. Forgetting old things and starting the love once again from the day one, and to get married to her he had come to Durgapur . He tried to convince her and tried his best to persuade her. But Yavanika did not at all change her mind. The arguments got bitter moment by moment.
Yavanika got angry which made Rafiq also too indignant. In the same fit of rage he tightened the safety chain of his suitcase around her neck and kept tightening that even harder. And in the result to that Yavanika breathed her last.
Yavanika died then Rafiq thought of saving his neck from law. He hid the dead body under his bed and started waiting for the night. Meanwhile he turned off Yavanika’s phone.
When it got night, Rafiq emptied his trolly bag. He somehow managed to stuff Yavanika’s dead body in the suitcase and zipped it up. After this he came outside and hired an auto-rikshaw. Keeping the trolly bag in the auto he reached to Tatanagar Railway Station.
After paying Rs 70 to the auto driver, he waited there only. When the driver left, he kept the troly bag in the bushes and came back to the hotel.
Before Rafiq could flee from the hotel, the police had arrested him.
Yavanika’s scooty was also recovered from hotel’s parking lot by the police.
By the time, this story was being penned down, Rafiq was cooling his heels in Jail. He was saying only one thing again and again –‘I had come to find my life’s Yavni in Yavanika..and alas shed died out of my hands only..’