Rahul’s Syncope and the Congress in search of Sanjeevani !!

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The Congress is looking for Sanjeevani at all levels including branding, ideology, activist, program, organization and
loyal leaders..

The Congress is in search of the Sanjivani … Rahul Gandhi is still in political swoon. The top leadership of the party made five committees to find the president for the party, but all presented a basket of disagreements to Sonia Gandhi. Now they are also confused about who should be handed over the political position of Gandhi family. But politics is very cruel. Emotions and sensitivity close their eyes being in it. So, leaving the sinking ship, the old Congressmen have also either started building the new nest whereas some of them have flown to the East …

Congress is looking for the Sanjeevani at all levels including branding, ideology, activist, program, organization and loyal leaders. BJP’s politics of radical nationalism has forced Congress to rebrand itself, but even before that, it is struggling with its own contradictions. The Congress has been working to molt with the political debut of the new generation of the Gandhi family. From Jawaharlal Nehru to Sonia Gandhi, this tradition also continues. Although Sonia entrusted this position to Rahul Gandhi too, Rahul went into a political swoon just after the election results. Because he too feels the need for change at the levels of organization, program, leader, worker, and brand.

Repositioning-reinvention of the Congress brand Rahul Gandhi’s interaction with the younger generation during the election campaign gave an opportunity to understand the party and politics closely. He felt that he belonged to a political family which is very harmful to the Congress. So he talked about the resignation. Not only this, the opportunist leaders immediately raised the demand of handing over the leadership to Priyanka Gandhi, but Rahul made it clear that no person from the Gandhi family would lead the party.

BJP has been successful in bringing dynasty stains on Congress. The BJP has washed away all the qualities of the Congress be it its contributing to the freedom struggle of India or the creation of modern India. The Congress was proved to be ready to go to any extent on corruption, opportunism,
debilitated personal character, status quoism, appeasement. With the re-election of Sonia Gandhi, the search for a president of a non-Gandhi family in the party seems to be over. Re-branding and re- invention of the party is being considered imperative. That’s why in time Rahul Gandhi also thought about changing the look and feel of the Congress. They know that more than what the BJP spent for its party branding, more was spent by them on the de-branding of the Congress and the Gandhi family. The seventy-year-old program of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, in response to every achievement of the Congress, was to propagate Congress’ weaknesses or lacunas among people of the country. Gradually, the sacrifice of the Gandhi family in the fight from the freedom struggle to terrorism was promoted by the Sangh machinery as political selfishness of power.

Hinduist forces did not join the fight for independence, that is why Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose and sometimes Sardar Patel are being symbolized and attacks on Congress are being made mis- utilizing their names. Overall, the BJP and the Sangh appear successful in making the Congress a very casual, corrupt, characterless, statusquoist, opportunistic, and willing to go to any extent for Muslim appeasement. Along with this, Congress also needs to rebrand the party and the Gandhi family.
Although Rahul has exited from the image of Pappu of politics, he wants to prepare at every level.. That is why Rahul Gandhi is currently talking about letting the party stand on his feet. But when the Congress, which runs on the crutches of the Gandhi family, looked staggering, Sonia Gandhi gave it a shoulder, though, this step is not being viewed very positively. Walking one step forward and two steps back is seen with suspicion. But only after recovering from the politics of following the face of the Gandhi family, the Congress will see a new upsurge in its ideology, new refreshment, but due to Rahul’s political acumen, this change went into cold storage for the
moment. Rahul Gandhi fell victim to the political ambitions of the party, the organization and his own warriors.

Party leaders’ personal ambitions Rahul Gandhi was not struck by the vision of Modi’s mighty persona but the power-mongering of his own party workers who are trusted to the party and royal to the Gandhi family, brought him to the swoon. Rahul saw that when the congress is stuck in its most severe battle for existence, his flatterer party workers are fighting against each other for power in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Punjab and Karnataka. Not only this, they did not hesitate to pressurize the high command for tickets for their sons and daughters. The way this chunk of the party leaders did orgy on the streets to grab power points, was very indecent. And now that the 2019 general election has suffered a severe jolt, the same party-leaders are seeing Mahabali Modi as no less than a political avatar in India. Teen Talaq, population control and Article 370 became an excuse to leave and change the party. However, the Gandhi family itself is responsible for this situation. It was bound to happen one day due to giving the party franchise to the party leaders. Not only this, only the pawns of the political advisors of the family get the chance to become party leaders and they do remain so throughout their life. The Gandhi family did not even know that the political ground had been slipped under their feet. These advisors not only kept maintaining a Gujarati-style agreement with
those who had enmity with congress but with the elements who have a personal grudge against 10, Janpath for the last twenty years. This time Rahul understood that on the strength of this army, the fight against the BJP nationalism cannot be fought. Especially when the BJP has given up the ideals of politics and have made an open offer 24 into 7, 365 days, of the deal with the Congress losers, dissident leaders, MLAs, MPs and near and dears of the family. Not only this, even after the resignation of Rahul, these Congress leaders were not prepared to resign from their posts in the name of their conscience. Rather, Priyanka Gandhi’s not resigning was thrown out as a power struggle within the Gandhi family. Here Kamraj plan of Congress did not appear to work. But the Gandhi family understands the situation. Now the Gandhi family is trying to connect directly with the party workers through internal elections. But the problem is that the workers and leaders are also confused on the ideological level. Therefore, the need for innovation is also being felt at the level of ideology because now the Congress will also have to accept the solidarity of Hindu votes in the country. Here the Congress has to keep one more vital fact in sight that removing the appeasement allegations from the heart of the public, is equally tough as a sword-walk.

Ideological crisis Religion has always been a crisis for the Congress. History has witnessed this. On one hand, there was Naram Dal and Garam Dal ideological crisis., on the other hand, the Muslim League and Hindu Mahasabha were giving Mahatma Gandhi a tough time. Both the communalities were intent on dividing the country into their respective parts, whereas Gandhi continued to want an India with “Eeshvar-Allah-Tero Naam”. Finally, he gave his life also for this dream, the crisis of religion could not be resolved yet. Now Hindu communalism has a complaint that when “they” got Pakistan then why are they living on the “motherland” of our part. The solution could still be found in the Mahatma’s principle of all-religion equality, but the religious masses of the country is not ready to accept Nehruvian secularism, especially when the cultural symbols of several hundred years of slavery are still alive in stories, instances and idioms.

The whole world is looking bored with figures, facts, truth, objectivity and scientificity by the arrival of the post-modern era. Antiquarianism has been brought to the centre of politics afresh. The slogans of religious-cultural identity, race, egotism and our own socio-state system are being raised
against the innovations like equality-equilibrium-justice-freedom-democracy. Well-organized political Hindutva has taken the entire country into its fold by scaring the minorities and uniting the majority against the inclusive system. The first glimpse of this Hindutva was seen during the Babri demolition. But then also the Gandhi family was in disarray. Careerists dominated the Congress.

Today also the same careerists dominate the party. Therefore, one hundred twenty-five years old Congress does not have a clear statement on Teen Talaq, Article 370. Religion has been riding on the back of the state. The efforts to grab the polity has a universal omnipresence. In every religion there have been violent struggles against the priesthood in the whole world. Then the struggling forces also formed their own religions. But due to the insecurity prevailing in human nature, the priest of God continued to use the weapon of politics. These priests believe in devotion instead of logic. Questions arise from logic. Contradictions arise from the questions.
Antiquarian concerns are afraid of these contradictions. Problems are basically physical, socio-economic, but their solution is found in the disintegration of society. Needless to say that today the state’s power is in possession of the religion, and today the Congress has deviated not from them but from its “religion”. It is being punished for that also.
It is not easy to stand against religion. Democracy and majoritarianism meet at this point. Racial exemptions and religious rhetorics by the state system for a secular inclusive society become the strength of another communalism. Liberalizations give rise to criticism. There is enthusiasm towards teaching Pakistan a lesson across the country. Pakistani-Muslim-Left-Naxalite-Kashmiri-Congressmen and traitors are all synonymous with each other. The top leadership of the Congress needs to study its own history and ideology and also teach its partymen.

Apart from religion, Rahul Gandhi has been carrying the leftist agenda for many years instead of Congress socialist agenda. This time it became clear that the drama of democracy in the country is organized for the capitalists and only by the capitalists. With just ten percent of the electoral funding, it is now hard for Congress to return to power. It is these donors only that make the BJP run election campaign like an event throughout the year at the government level, at the party level and at the private level. While a problem is seen at the end of Rahul’s election in the European style,

the BJP knows how to cash on jeans-T-shirts and holidays. Narendra Modi may be accused of running the agenda of the rich, but he always talks about the poor. But the storm of intense nationalism can be stopped only on issues related to unemployment, inflation, starvation, education, health, development and the co-existent society. But it is difficult to explain to the public the importance of basic issues as it is easier to encash the emotional boil based on hate. The true meaning of nationalism has to be brought down to the lowest level. In order to hide the achievements of the freedom struggle of the Congress, independence was said to be incomplete and
the slogan of intense nationalism was given. In fact, patriotism has also been made like devotion to God. They have become the contractors of nationalism in politics like pandaas, who consider rituals to be essential to reach to God.

The worker’s crisis

This was also an important reason for Rahul Gandhi’s political swoon. During the 2019 general elections, he came to know that the party does not have workers. And the people who are mobilized as their welcome, it is the gathering of the special ‘attendant’ of a particular leader. Yes, the curiosity for the Gandhi family for general meetings is still intact. But now the “Vo tumhara dhoop me kam na nikalna” attitude will not work. And now the Congress needs loyal workers. The shock was deepened when the party did not even have party-workers in more than half of its booths. The party which runs on the strength of the advisors will now have to step on the ground and also has to dirty its feet in the dust. They also will have to sit among the workers on the ground in the same way as Priyanka Gandhi does and the language has to be spoken as she speaks. Wearing a clean and well-worn khaddar, the leaders on the stage In Sonbhadra have hardly learnt a lesson from Priyanka, but the Congress has no choice. This experiment has started in Uttar Pradesh. Leaders of the soil now are
being searched. The caste equation is being worked on seriously. It is not easy to show the dreams of empty stomach workers who have been out of power in UP for more than thirty years. Truly loyal workers are needed. After the search for the workers, the next course of action is also needed to be chalked out.

Program crisis

Apart from the election program, the Congress has hardly any program to celebrate the birth anniversary and death anniversary of the members of the Gandhi family. Whereas the Sanjivani of the Congress is hidden in the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi. On the one hand there is a deadly combination of militant Hindutva and nationalism, while the Mahatma has a vision for its mitigation.

That is why Mahatma continued to talk about Sarvadharma Sambhav and tried to keep the serious people of the country united through prayer meetings. He was the advocate of Hindus among Muslims and advocate of Muslims among Hindus. His prayer ‘‘Eeshvar Alla Tero Naam Sabko
Sanmati De Bhagvaan’’ is equally relevant today for the suppression of the curse of communalism.

Leading a big leader at an airport is the biggest program of the Congress workers. Going to the public is a distant thing. It has been years since an agitation on the party’s banner.

It has been a long time facing a lathi-charge. Nowadays, public service is synonymous to getting people’s work done with a bribe. The party refrains from highlighting the life-thoughts and ideals of other top Congress leaders. The BJP was far ahead of the Congress in capitalizing on the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. BJP has a national headline for an event every day, but even Congress tweets do not attract people much.

(Anshuman Tripathi)


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