The Coronial Cousin: Delta Variant as the New Age Biological Villain

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Even if Corona is a biological conspiracy of China, we have no options left but to face it like other nations targeted along with India. Though this fact too, remains intact that India was planned as the worst victim of the pandemic-type virus attack, but thanks to Modi governance, it could not work well as expected by the conspirators.

Does COVID-19 cause so much stigma?

Yes, it does. The level of stigma related with Corona Virus infaction is basically based on three main factors. Being the first one here is its being a disease that’s new and for which there are still many questions unanswered. As the second one we see here that we are often afraid of the unknown and the third is its being easy to associate that fear with ‘others’.
It is human psyche which makes it well understandable that there is confusion, anxiety coupled with fear among the masses. And yes, these factors are also creating harmful stereotypes unfortunately.

Where was the Delta variant first found?

The answer is India. It was first identified in India being the most contagious. And what is more scary that it is  likely to be found among those not yet vaccinated which may trigger serious illness in more people in  comparison with the harm done by other variants.

How many nations are now having the Delta variant?

Starting from India in December 2020 now the Delta variant has spread to 60 nations, as per the CDC assumption. In accordance with the WHO, it is the fourth global variant of concern, along with the other variants first identified in the UK, South Africa & Brazil.

What exactly is the DV?

DV or Delta Variant is declared as the “variant of concern” last month by the global health agency. In other words, a variant can be labeled as “of concern” when it has been found to be more contagious, more deadly or more resistant to current vaccines & treatments, as per the WHO.

Why is the DV dangerous?

It has been found dangerous by the scientists tracking the spread of infection. This may be called the Indian variant after the UK Variant, which is so far the most contagious yet and, among those not yet vaccinated, may trigger serious injury to health in more people than other variants can.

Is DV more damage-rous?

The question is there since the answer is so obvious. most severe cases involving the Delta variant seem to be in unvaccinated people or those who are only partially vaccinated, as suggested by Dr. Scott Gottlieb.  Dr. Gottlieb is currently a special partner at the venture capital firm New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI). ‘‘It seems to be more damaging variant where  two doses of the vaccine appears to be very protective.”

Is DV really more deadly?

It is as simple as that to answer. Delta Variant is known as the highly contagious corona virus variant being the fastest and fittest coronavirus strain. It is expected to “pick off” the most vulnerable people, that is what the WHO says. The global agency opines that the Delta has the potential “to be more lethal because it’s more efficient in the way it transmits among humans,”. This is the noteworthy statement of the WHO’s Dr. Mike Ryan.

Does COVID-19 disease spread through faeces?

The answer is almost No. Or in other words, the experts see very low risk of catching the COVID-19 virus from the faeces of an infected person.
Though there are also some evidences showing that the COVID-19 virus may cause intestinal infection and be present in human faeces. When checked in the lab, around two to ten percent of cases of confirmed COVID-19 disease presented with diarrhoea (2−4), and the studies detected COVID-19 viral RNA fragments in the COVID-19 patients’ (5,6) faecal matter.
Still, thank God, to date there is only one study culturing the COVID-19 virus from a single stool specimen (7). Other than this, there has been no report of faecal−oral transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

Are the symptoms of the Delta variant same?

In accordance with the WHO reports, the delta variant also leads to more severe symptoms, but to be honest, there is more research required for this confirmation. However, there are signs the delta strain could cause different symptoms in comparison with the other variants. Otherwise as described, headaches, sore throats, runny noses and fever –are the main symptoms of the DV

Is the DV more infectious?

Compared with the Alpha strain, overtly the delta variant seem to be even more infectious. As per a study by Public Health England, it is 60% more transmissible than alpha.

Can Delta variant infect a vaccinated person?

The answer is almost No. If a person is fully vaccinated, particularly with a two-dose vaccine, then he has no reasons to worry about the Delta variant, say doctors. The Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines are two-dose vaccines which have been received by millions of Americans. Studies show their efficacy drops only slightly when encountering any such Corona variant.

Are Indian Corona vaccines effective against Delta variant?

The answer is a big YES. As announced by the Union Health Ministry, both the Indian vaccines — Covaxin and Covishield — are effective against Delta Plus variant of Covid-19. The Ministry however, opines that to what extent these vaccines are effective will be shared soon.

Can a person catch Corona infection if fully vaccinated?

We should not be confused with the question. Obviously as the doctors say, fully vaccinated doesn’t mean you are immune to Corona virus. So while the vaccines are potent, however a chance of catching corona infection could not be dismissed.


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