Wake Up Calls Are The Final Alert !!

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21 Indian cities including Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad – will run out of groundwater by 2020, as per the report

One fine morning if you wake up to know that there is no water in the house today. To your shock, there will be no water today in the tabs either. You will be stunned when told that there is no water in the city itself !!!

And now tell you that this is going to happen. Surprisingly, we are too blind to behold the tragedy which is just one step away! Latest Niti Ayog Reports are the wake up calls, telling us  that in toto twenty one cities in India Twenty one cities in India including Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad – will run out of groundwater by the year 2020. It means this is gonna happen just next year itself!!

Though the slogans are not new to our ears – SAVE WATER SAVE LIFE ! But unfortunately they make no damn difference to us. We also here that WATER IS LIFE, but in vain.  It is not more than a cigarette or tobacco advertisement for us which tells  us that it creates cancer, and we don’t care until some day when we have the reports which medically tell us that we have cancer and tobacco is the cause! What to say now..

Yes, it’s gonna happen. This is actually going to happen as a cancer to our societal human body. This cancer is the vacuum of water that will kill the life just like a cancer. So, our life and life of India is in danger. There will be no Kemo helping it,  no medicines will return the gift of life back to us. We will die, even with this regret that – ‘Alas, we wish, we could have woken a little early!!  Our efforts might have saved our lives today!’ But at that time, the meaning of regret will lose its meaning.

This is true and this truth applies to me and you equally and to everyone around us too. This is a tragic reality that is going to transpire. Soon our eyes are going to witness it.  Probably we would not want to live for that day..and perhaps we do not wish to believe this truth either that there is no water.. water will not be seen any more..since water is finished !!!

Let me tell you the real thing now. It is not my prediction or anything.  The announcement on TV news channels has been approved by the Water Ministry. They told us that in the year 2020 water will cease to exist in six metropolitan cities of the country. Think about that, how these metropolitan cities with millions of people, will survive after the end of the groundwater. Wouldn’t it be a living hell on the piece of Indian earth?

Just imagine, there is no gasoline in petrol pumps for two days or no electricity at home for a couple of days.. how difficult would life be due to the absence of something you can still live without. But what about something which is literally a lifeline for we humans! It is water without which not only humanity, all flora, and fauna will also lose its very existence. I have no intention of scaring anyone or sensitizing with a topic. This is just an attempt to make sure we help ourselves without expecting a lot for the world or government to come for us.

But as always we leave the world leaving the problems for our offspring to live with.  Won’t they curse us from behind for the ancestry we have left on their name? what about our next generation, will they ever be able to witness the water days we have seen and lived all through our lives? What a luxury we have lived with water washing cars and vehicles for hours and hours together ..leaving the tab open knowingly or unknowingly often..

The water you shed or your workers, the water pulled by your bore well or the swimming pool of the adjacent building, you will get the punishment of water wasted which you well deserve.  To be honest, everyone will get the punishment they, their children and their descendants, too. The culprits of the water wastage may not be all but the punishment will be shared among all. Then with the last breath of your life, you helplessly will ponder where did you make the mistake.

It would be another silly mistake on your part if you think you do not belong to the six cities. Mind it, you are the next .. if not today tomorrow .. if you survive, your children will not..kindly be realistic!

Not that we cannot escape this great tragedy, we certainly can. But for that the challenge will also need to be tackled at par with the level of the challenge, mind it!


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