We must stand with our country at all times !!

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We must stand with our country without any political affiliation..
  As a proud Indian, we  must stop criticising vaccination/oxygen distribution and  other policies . It’s a state of health emergency. Let’s stand by the Govt and not make it difficult for it to deal with this unprecedented crisis. We should rather pray everyday for the safety of our countrymen and do whatever we can do in this *war-like situation*.
If one of our family members is seriously ill, we get shaken. Here, 130 crore people are at risk. Some say lockdown will  be effective. Some say army should be called. Some say it’s intelligence failure while others say that the Govt is trying to appease by announcing certain measures.
If the lockdown doesn’t succeed, the Govt gets targeted. If it does, still it gets targeted because the economy is hit.
During  a complete lockdown the lower class is at the of risk of going without food but the rich cry that their earnings have stopped and their lifestyles thwarted. While the middle-class criticise by saying:”the Govt is not doing enough to help us financially.”
The Covid -19 is the toughest of all problems we  are faced with.
As a law abiding citizen of India, let us all send positive vibes, instead of criticising each and every thing.
We must stand with our country during the current unprecedented crisis.


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