What has Modi done for Tamil Nadu?

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Met Some young boys who were canvassing for DMK, just called them over for a cup of tea and started a discussion
Transcripts in brief is here for you to have a look.
Me : Nice to see young college boys taking active part in politics
Boys :Thank you, Sir 
Me : How is the campaign going
B : good Sir 
Me : why are you campaigning for DMK
B : Its the only party that can save TN
Me : why do you say so
B : this EPS govt is slave to modi 
Me : Aha
B : Modi govt has done nothing to TN 
Me : do you know how much money Modi govt is giving to TN
B : we dont know the figures sir but Modi is there to spoil TN , modi is Adanis agent
Me : So you dont know what modi has done to TN , you just blindly oppose him
B : No sir Modi has done nothing
Me : ok, now listen , when UPA was at the centre and DMK as its partner , Central Govt had given TN just 1.2 lk crs
Me : now Modi Sarkar has hiven close to 6 lk crores in the same 5 year period, ie modi sarkar has given 5 times more funds to TN than what UPA has given
B: sir buttt
Me : wait not only that it has given
AIIMS , 11 new medical colleges, 5 new law colleges , smart city etc
Me : Modi sarkar has selected 12 corporations and is giving Rs 500 crs each year for upgrading city infra like UG drainage, foot paths, concrete roads
B: but still…
Me : During DMK rule we had 16 hours of power cut, now do you have any
B : No sir
Me : not only that mudra loans, Rs 2.1 lks free for housing, free toilets, Rs 12 accident insurance, Rs 330 life insurance, ,zero balance bank accounts, make in India, Rs 5 lakh free medical insurance per family, pension scheme , rural roads , farm insurance, kissan credit card , cauvery issue
B : We were not aware of so many things done by Modi , but still Modi supports Corporates
Me: DMK Family owns over 1500 companies world over, Sun TV , Red gaint movies, share in Spice Jet list is long, in short DMK family is the biggest Corporate in Asia & you blame others
B : Modi is against Tamil
Me : Arre , Modi ji is talking about the glories of Tamil in every Global fourm , No other PM in Indian History has lauded Tamil as much as Modi ji
B : Modi is against Tamil Interests
Me : when over 150000 SL Tamils were butchered in DMK & Cong were Supplying arms and ammunition to SL , DMK delegation was feasting with Rajapakshe , have you forgotten those images
B: yes what DMK did was wrong
Me : modi ji has built over 64000 houses for SL tamils, built hospitals, schools , built roads etc , Modi ji is the only PM who has Spoken for the rights of SL Tamils in SL Parliament , he rescued 5 Tamils who were given death sentence for drug peddling in SL, not only that Modi sarkar is asking SL to implement its promises for regional autonomy for SL Tamils
B : We didn’t know all these 
B: why Modi opposing the release of 7 Tamils who have spent more than 30 years in Prison 
Me: you mean Terrorists who took part in the assassination of our Former PM
B : Yes
Me : Why do you support the terrorists ? Dozens of policemen and innocent people were also killed by them. Aren’t those killed by these terrorists Tamils? Why do you support the terrorists instead of the dozens of innocent Tamils killed by them. We stand for the innocent Tamils killed, DMK stands for those terrorists who killed innocent Tamils
B: We didn’t know this side of story 
Me : you guys can you dream of becoming DMK President ? No you can’t, only that Karunanidhi family can become something, you guys are there only for sloganeering and holding flags, maximum you can get is a bottle of alcohol and biriyani, only in BJP a chaiwala can become a PM
here now the boy is seen speechless.
Still the discussion went on and on, in the end the boys put down the DMK flag and left home, they have promised to come back with their entire team some 300 strong to join in BJP
To destroy DMK you need intense and constant engagement with their core segments,its a test match not T20
(Gentleman Indian)


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